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Fort Riley soldier killed in bomb attack


Here are recent headlines about the military in Kansas:Fort Riley ¢ 1st Infantry Division[(AP) QC Soldier Killed In Iraq:][1] An Iowa native who moved away to join the Army has been killed in Iraq. Private First Class Michael Pittman was killed Friday in Baghdad when a roadside bomb exploded near the Humvee he was riding in. Pittman was born in Davenport and attended high school in Rock Island, Illinois. He and his wife, Jennefer moved from the Quad Cities in 2005 when he joined the Army. The 34-year-old Pittman was a member of a Calvary Regiment based at Fort Riley, Kansas. He and his wife have four children. [(49abcnews.com) Soldier receives a "handful" of joy in time for Father's Day:][2] Fort Riley - It's once, twice, three times a baby for Sergeant Dave Simpson, his wife Mariah and big brother Justice this Father's Day. "I know about taking care of one baby from my son, but I didn't know exactly how to multi-task three babies," says Simpson. After celebrating their third wedding anniversary back in February, the couple welcomed identical twin sons, Tabias and Tytus, and daughter Liberty. Discovering they were pregnant with triplets was a shock to say the least. "At first they told us it was twins, then she was looking around there for 10 to 15 seconds. 'Wait a second, oh my gosh, you're having triplets.'" says Simpson. [1]: http://www.whbf.com/Global/story.asp?S=6671865 [2]: http://www.49abcnews.com/news/2007/jun/17/military_receives_handful_joy_time_fathers_day/


alm77 11 years ago

Michael was also creative, outgoing and friendly. He had a talent for painting interior wall designs that were amazing. He would give anything to anyone at anytime in a way that I've rarely seen others do. He was outspoken and loved his family very much. He was a man of God who sometimes stumbled and fell, but he was always honest about it. I learned a lot from him in those times. Its a tragedy that he's gone. He will be missed by many, many people who knew him.

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