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Fort Leavenworth offers advice to survive the first 100 days in Iraq


Here are recent headlines about the military in Kansas:Fort Leavenworth[(Army Times) Iraq survival guide now online:][1] Hot off the Web, an electronic version of a new handbook for soldiers on how to survive their first 100 days in Iraq can be seen online. Deploying soldiers are encouraged to log in with their Army Knowledge Online passwords to the Center for Army Lessons Learned at http://call.army.mil and review the guidelines gleaned from more than 1,700 soldiers who responded to a survey six months ago. A paper version for basic trainees was supposed to be issued by January, but has been held up at the Government Printing Office until sometime in February. "There's no doubt that the early part of the deployment is the most dangerous, when people are understanding their environment," said Col. Steven Mains, director of CALL at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., which designed and undertook the survey. In the survey, which contained 23 questions about individual soldier behavior, unit leadership, equipment and pre-deployment training, soldiers were asked to discuss what affected their ability to survive in the first 100 days.Kansas National Guard[(Kansas Adjutant General news release) ADJUTANT GENERAL ANNOUNCES CHANGES IN COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR POSITIONS:][2] Maj. Gen. Tod M. Bunting, the Kansas adjutant general, announces the selection of Command Sgt. Maj. Scott W. Haworth as command sergeant major, Kansas National Guard - Land Component. Haworth replaces Command Sgt. Maj. David Wright, who retired in December 2006. The Land Component is the headquarters of all Kansas Army National Guard units. Previously, Haworth served as command sergeant major for the 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery and most recently, as command sergeant major of 69th Troop Command. In his career, Haworth has served in every noncommissioned officer leadership position. He deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of the NATO peacekeeping mission and has participated in military exercises in Armenia under the State Partnership for Peace program. Haworth, his wife Pamela and four children reside in Pratt, Kan., where he is employed by Pratt Glass.[(Kansas Adjutant General news release) Guard Museum to Host Iraq War Discussions During Museum's 10th Anniversary:][3] Kansas Army Guard Soldiers just returning from Iraq will be sharing their real-world experiences of their recent tours to Iraq during the 10th anniversary celebration of the Museum of the Kansas National Guard on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007. A panel of Army National Guard soldiers will conduct two informative and thought provoking discussions during the day long activities at the Museum located at 6700 SW Topeka Blvd. in Topeka. After brief introductions, the panel will take questions from the audience about their experiences which range from protection of high-level U.S. and Iraqi diplomats, to ensuring vital supplies were delivered as part of a network of convoys criss-crossing the Middle-East. [1]: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2007/01/CALLbook.WEB1.30/ [2]: http://www.kansas.gov/ksadjutantgeneral/News%20Releases/2007/07-016.htm [3]: http://www.kansasguardmuseum.org/


TheEleventhStephanie 10 years, 10 months ago

After that, you're screwed. America, send our boys mouthwash bottles full of blue-tinged vodka! They need it!

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