Coupon Feed

As part of the new feature enhancements made to Marketplace, we’ve added a Coupon Feed that allows you to view all the latest Coupons posted to Marketplace.

You can look at everything for the entire site, or choose a category of businesses such as restaurants or heating/cooling, or look at the latest from an individual business. You can even set up a RSS feed.

To get in, just click on the top of the feed. I’ve circled it in an image below. In this example, we’re looking at all coupons for the entire site. The coupons are arranged by the most recently added at the top. You can scroll down the list, or refine your bargain hunting to a category of business.

Lets say I wanted to know anytime a new offer was posted to a Shoe store in Lawrence. I could set up my feed for the Shoe category, or I could set up a feed for just Browns Shoe Fit or Francis Sporting Goods. Pretty neat, huh?

This works great for restaurants too, and in restaurants I can even drill down to cuisine. So, for example, I can see ALL restaurants, or ALL CHINESE or ALL PIZZA, even just new coupons from THAI HOUSE or WHEATSTATE PIZZA.

Lots more in the works to improve even further on this idea!