Mark Madness: KU, K-State to dress amidst success

Kansas and Kansas State will be in close quarters today at Ford Center.

The two teams — with the top two seeds entering play Thursday in the NCAA Tournament’s first round in Oklahoma City — are using the same Oklahoma City Thunder locker room today, at different times, in the bowels of the arena.

I haven’t been able to sneak inside yet, but authoritative sources tell me the space is the best around — especially when compared with other dressing rooms, like the ones being occupied BYU, UNLV and on down the line to, of course, No. 16 seed Lehigh.

“About 100 percent,” according to one of the many men in blue Ford Center T-shirts, helping to control swarms of media members during the day Wednesday. “Every player has his own individual shower. There’s a hot tub. It’s totally high-dollar professional.”

Makes sense, considering that the digs were upgraded as part of an ongoing $100 million renovation and expansion of the arena.

We’ll see if I hear any “Hot Tub Time Machine” jokes in there later on…