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Hi, my agency name is …


Hi, my name is GaDuGi Safecenter.

This agency is considered to be one of United Way’s self-sufficiency organizations: helping families and individuals become financially stable and independent.

The mission: “GaDuGi SafeCenter is committed to working together with the community toward the common goal of ending all forms of sexual violence through Advocacy, Support, Education and Social Justice. GaDuGi SafeCenter, as an empowerment-based organization, embraces all citizens of Douglas County regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation or ability.”

Last year alone, GaDuGi’s volunteers served over 3,300 individuals from Douglas County in the form of support or education.

GaDuGi SafeCenter, Inc. benefits the community by providing 24-hour comprehensive advocacy and support services for child and adult victim-survivors of sexual violence, their families, friends and partners by staff and volunteer advocates. In addition, youth and adult programs are helping to combat sexual assault by educating those in the community. This includes Public Service Announcements on a variety of topics for today’s teenagers and adults.

With and executive director and a number of volunteers, GaDuGi uses United Way funding, donations and grants in hopes to achieve their goal of ending sexual violence.

Learn more about the various education programs at www.gadugisafecenter.org.


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