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How to donate


Knowing how to donate time and money is a vital part of all campaigns supporting United Way.

As area companies begin to host their own Employee Campaigns, employees may have questions on how to make a pledge. At any time, feel free to seek out your own Campaign Coordinator with questions; they will be receiving information to pass on to you.

If you are able to take part in campaign events, but not able to donate monetarily this year, be sure to let your Campaign Coordinator know of your participation; companies with high employee involvement will be recognized at the conclusion of the 2009 United Way Campaign.

If you are able to contribute beyond participation, you will be asked to fill out a United Way pledge form. Don’t worry, this can look more confusing than it actually is.

Some things you should know when filling out a pledge form.

-After you fill out your name, address and employee information, some questions are listed so United Way can best serve you as a donor. Take a moment to check those that apply. For example: are you a loyal contributor of 10 years or more?

-There are four ways to donate: Payroll deduction (in increments of: 52 weeks, 2x a month at 24 pays, bi-weekly at 26 pays, or designate your own frequency). Cash or check up front. Direct billing to your home address monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or once on a specified date. Credit card monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or once on a specified date (you will need to provide card information).

-If you are able to give a generous donation, you may be a Leadership Giver or part of The Spirit of Kaw Valley, be sure to note that on the pledge form.

-A bonus for those donating $144 or more is the Caring Club Card. This card provides you with discounts at local restaurants and businesses when you pledge at least this amount. (You may also opt out of the card if you wish.)

-Designation Opportunities allows you to dictate where your pledge will go. You can opt for the Community Fund, which is allocated by a board of volunteers. You can specify an area of community focus under the three branches of United Way. If you do not live in Douglas County, you may direct your funds to United Way in your own county. You can also specify a specific agency you would like your money to go to, or you can exclude an agency if you prefer.

-Pledging is a personal option, but if you have any questions feel free to contact your Campaign Coordinator or United Way directly at (785) 843-6626.



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