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55 stats, facts and quirks about this year's Kansas basketball team


The following are some numbers I found interesting about this year's Kansas men's basketball team.

Make sure to memorize a few so you can impress those around you with your KU basketball knowledge ...

• KU is ranked first in the nation in adjusted offensive efficiency. In the last six seasons, three teams with the top adjusted offensive efficiency won the national championship (2004-05 North Carolina, 2006-07 Florida, 2008-09 North Carolina). The other three teams that won it all were in the top four in adjusted offensive efficiency (2003-04 Connecticut was fourth; 2005-06 Florida was second; 2007-08 Kansas was second). The top four teams in the statistic so far this year are Kansas, Duke, Villanova and Notre Dame.

• KU is ranked fourth in the nation in adjusted defensive efficiency. In the last six years, no national champion has been ranked lower than 16th in the category at the end of the season. The average NCAA champ has placed seventh in the statistic.

• In Big 12 play, Brady Morningstar has played 14.1 percent of KU’s minutes, but he has 20.5 percent of KU’s assists and 20.8 percent of the Jayhawks’ steals.

• In his last two games, Xavier Henry has posted his highest two offensive rebounding percentages (gathering 11.8 percent of KU’s misses against Missouri while on the floor and 17 percent of KU’s misses against Kansas State while on the floor).

Markieff Morris leads the team with five charges drawn. Marcus Morris is second with four.

• Only three KU players have fouled out this year: Marcus Morris (twice), Tyshawn Taylor (twice) and Markieff Morris (once).

• In his last 10 games, Xavier Henry is 30-for-92 from the floor (32.6 percent). He also hasn’t made more than four field goals in a game during that stretch.

• KU’s worst two games defensively in terms of efficiency also were the two games the Jayhawks played the fewest possessions. KU had just 63 defensive possessions against Nebraska (1.144 points per possession allowed) and Kansas State (1.112 points per possession allowed). The Jayhawks have only given up more than one point per possession in four games this season.

• KU has only scored less than one point per possession in two games this season, and both were from teams from the state of Tennessee (Memphis and Tennessee).

Marcus Morris leads the team in floor burns with 37. Markieff Morris is second with 35.

Cole Aldrich leads KU in dunks (21), while Markieff Morris is second (14) and Xavier Henry is third (13).

• The average KU player has 1.4 years of college basketball experience. That still makes the Jayhawks the 73rd-youngest team in the NCAA.

• KU only gets 14.3 percent of its scoring from its shooting guard position. That’s the 18th-lowest percentage in the NCAA.

• Combined, the Morris twins have made 14 of their 30 three-point attempts this season (46.7 percent).

• KU’s least turnover-prone players statistically (not including Chase Buford or Jordan Juenemann): C.J. Henry (1 turnover every 35.5 minutes); Tyrel Reed (1 turnover every 31.2 minutes); Marcus Morris (1 turnover every 21.9 minutes).

• KU’s most turnover-prone players statistically: Thomas Robinson (1 turnover every 9 minutes); Elijah Johnson (1 turnover every 10.5 minutes); Tyshawn Taylor (1 turnover every 11.8 minutes).

Marcus Morris is averaging 1.82 turnovers per 40 minutes this season. He averaged 3.52 turnovers per 40 minutes last season.

• KU has gathered the offensive rebound on 39 percent of its misses this season. That’s the highest percentage of any Bill Self-coached team at KU.

Cole Aldrich has 75 blocks and needs just 23 more to break Greg Ostertag’s single-season record of 97 set in 1994. If Aldrich keeps up his current pace, he’ll break the record with three games still remaining in the regular season.

Cole Aldrich blocked 9.5 percent of opponents’ two-point shot attempts last year. He’s blocked 13.3 percent of their two-point attempts this year.

Cole Aldrich’s 13 shot attempts against Kansas State were a season-high. He attempted 13 shots or more seven times last season.

Tyrel Reed has scored 77.2 percent of his points from three-pointers.

• In his last 32 minutes, Thomas Robinson has eight turnovers.

Markieff Morris has made a three-pointer in six games for KU this season. The Jayhawks’ average margin of victory in those games is 24.8. Their closest win with a Markieff three-pointer was a 12-point victory over Nebraska.

C.J. Henry has scored 40 points in 71 minutes. If the numbers held up, he would average 22.5 points per 40 minutes of game time.

C.J. Henry hasn’t scored in his last four games he’s entered — a stretch of 12 minutes. Before then, he had 40 points in 59 minutes. That’s 27.1 points per 40 minutes of game time.

Brady Morningstar has had one turnover or less in nine of his 12 games this season.

• KU has been called for three seconds in the lane three times this season. The Jayhawks’ opponents have yet to be called for the foul this year.

Markieff Morris has been the first player off the bench in 14 of KU’s 21 games.

• KU’s bench players have combined for 31.2 percent of the minutes, ranking 183rd in the NCAA.

• KU has only one player in the top 100 nationally in steal percentage (Xavier Henry, 3.8 percent, 84th). In 2007-08, KU had two players in the top 50 in the category (Mario Chalmers, 4.8 percent, 16th; Russell Robinson, 4.2 percent, 43rd).

• Ken Pomeroy’s projections give KU a 22.13 percent chance of going undefeated through the Big 12 season.

• KU’s leaders in fouls committed per 40 minutes: Thomas Robinson (6.7); Elijah Johnson (6.2); Markieff Morris (6.0).

• KU players who foul the least: Sherron Collins (2.0 fouls per 40 minutes); Tyrel Reed (2.0); Brady Morningstar (2.4).

• KU’s leader in fouls drawn per 40 minutes? Thomas Robinson (6.1). Cole Aldrich (5.4) is second and Marcus Morris (5.2) is third.

• KU’s worst performance by a starter in terms of turnover percentage* came from Tyshawn Taylor against Memphis (70). Xavier Henry’s last two games, meanwhile, are second-worst (Kansas State, 57.1) and tied for third-worst (Missouri, 50) by a starter this season.

* — Turnover percentage is an estimate of turnovers per 100 plays.

• If you take out Thomas Robinson’s 16-for-40 free-throw shooting, KU has made 73.6 percent of its free throws this year. That would tie for 34th nationally.

• Since conference play began, KU is shooting 76.2 percent from the free-throw line, which is good for second in the conference.

• In Big 12 play, opponents have made 40.5 percent of their three-pointers against KU. National average for three-pointers is 34.1 percent.

Marcus Morris is averaging 17.8 points in Big 12 play, tying him for sixth in the conference in that statistic. He also has made 62.1 percent of his shots in conference play and leads the league with 4.83 offensive rebounds per game.

Thomas Robinson pulls down the offensive rebound on 16.5 percent of KU’s misses when he’s in the game — the highest percentage on the team. Cole Aldrich (14 percent) is second and Marcus Morris (13.4 percent) is third.

• This year, Sherron Collins has shot the ball on 24.7 percent of KU’s possessions when he’s on the floor. Last year, Collins shot in 30 percent of KU’s possessions when he was on the floor.

Sherron Collins has increased his steals per game from last year (1.23 from 1.09) while also decreasing his fouls per game (1.57 from 1.91).

Tyrel Reed had a 1.0 assist-to-turnover ratio last year. This year, it’s 2.7.

• KU coach Bill Self’s record at home during his seven seasons with the Jayhawks is 108-6 (.947).

• This might be a bad sign for March. KU is a combined 20-0 when playing on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ABC, Jayhawk TV, Big 12 Network and Fox Sports Net. But the Jayhawks are 0-1 on CBS.

• KU has shot better than its opponent in 18 of its 21 games this season.

• According to KenPom.com, KU plays the 98th-fastest tempo in the NCAA. That ranks sixth in the conference behind Texas, Missouri, Kansas State, Texas Tech and Iowa State.

• KU has shot better than 50 percent in 12 of its 21 games this season. Meanwhile, the Jayhawks have allowed their opponent to shoot over 50 percent just once in the last 95 games.

• KU has controlled 13 of the 22 tipoffs this season (59.1 percent).

• KU has only had one shot-clock violation this season.

• KU has made 84 of 112 free throws (75 percent) in the last five minutes of games/overtime.

Jeff Withey played 12 minutes against Iowa State. He has played 12 minutes in his other five games combined.

Tyshawn Taylor has played 11.1 percent of KU’s minutes, but has 19.1 percent of the team’s assists.

• Per 40 minutes of game time, Elijah Johnson is averaging 15 points, six rebounds, nine assists, seven steals, four turnovers and six fouls.

Sources: KenPom.com, Statsheet.com, Big12Sports.com and the KU men's basketball notes.


ralphralph 8 years, 4 months ago

Given the "turnover" stats, one may wonder why, at the end of regulation in the K-State game, Coach Self kept Tyshawn on the floor and the ball in his hands (temporarily, until he could throw it away) ...

I was watching the game in a big room full of people, and we all saw it coming from a mile away ... Tyshawn gets the ball, Tyshawn panics, Tyshawn throws away the ball, welcome to overtime. Seems like he can't talk himself out of the lineup or play himself out of it. Maybe the epiphany will come, and he will listen to the coach and keep his head, but the signs of that happening are not strong.

Meanwhile, Ty Reed makes another "invisible" play to poke the ball loose without fouling (watch that one in slo-mo), then goes to the bench ... uh, Coach? 'Zup?

MustHaveSalt 8 years, 4 months ago

I like stats as much as the next geek, but ... damn!

1029 8 years, 4 months ago

Here's a stat: KU has scored either 81 or 84 points in 8 of their last 11 games.

MIke Mallory 8 years, 4 months ago


Bladerunner 8 years, 4 months ago

Stat # 56. More ignorant fights with KU Football players than any previous years team!

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