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It's been an emotional journey


_Editor's Note: Tess Banion, left, is one of three local delegates to the Democratic National Convention who will be blogging at LJWorld.com. Check back regularly to see what they're saying._Wow, the last few days have been a blur. It seems like I have been in Colorado for a month. I tried to make this convention, my first, something more than just a party. The truth is I spent a lot of time walking, getting blisters and miscalculating how long it took to get from one place to the next. The anti-war march on Sunday was good but the women's equality march was a bust. I showed up with three delegates, looking like nurses searching for a hospital. I found only one woman, dressed appropriately, in white, wearing a marvelous straw hat. She was posing for pictures and didn't seem all that interested in marching anywhere. So went all my attempts at being a good delegate. What has surprised me the most is the level of law enforcement on the street and my reaction to it. I began to think about what people in the Middle East must go through every day. Police officers with guns on every corner is not a sight I would want to live with on a daily basis. One night we were near an area where a bomb threat had been called in, so we had to move. It made me think of how open our open society is and how much we take for granted. It is true that it takes great skill to deliver a speech that will be remembered beyond a week. Clearly, Hillary Clinton, gave the speech of her life. As a supporter, I was so proud. My daughter, also named Hilary and an Obama supporter, sent me a text message "Class Act" as her description of Sen. Clinton. Many of the speeches at the convention, most not seen by the public (thank goodness), are warm up drills and would not rate more than a five on a 10-point scale. Wednesday, I cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton. I knew it was a symbolic gesture. But it was an important event for me and the people that elected me to go to Denver. Three of our Clinton delegates changed their support to Obama during our time in Denver. Hillary met with her delegates and released them, they could vote for whoever they wanted. Her speech before her delegates was short but clear. She was ready to move on and she wanted us to move on with her, but she would allow us to move on our own pace. The roll call was more emotional than I had expected - the arena exploded when Hillary Clinton asked that Sen. Obama be nominated by acclamation. My friend Margie Wakefield (a Clinton delegate from Lawrence) and I cried and held each other. The journey was over. It also seemed like a great heaviness had been lifted. There will be those Clinton delegates and voters that won't support Obama but my sense is they are far fewer than the press is describing.I put on my Obama T-shirt as soon as the roll call was over.


RobbinStPaul 9 years, 9 months ago

Good for you Tess! Welcome to Obama's bandwagon for change!On University Avenue here in Saint Paul there is a guy who parks his car on the road next to WalMart and sells Barack Obama t-shirts, posters, and signs and on the top of his car is a big banner reading: "Selling Hope not Dope!"After we drive past our Obama vendor, for the rest of he day, we find ourselves repeating at random moments or when hear a great quote from Obama to each other: "Selling Hope not Dope!"

linnriverabht 9 years, 9 months ago

I have to say that it broke my heart to hear Sen Clinton's speech - she is my candidate- but like her I am a good democratic and will do what is necessary to end the republican rule.I have so much respect for Sen Clinton - I know that if nothing else she should have been chosen for the VP - though I can't see her following because she is such a great leader. She displayed such grace and class - I cried during the entire speech. Her daughter looked so proud- I tell ya- I know that she gave that speech for us- because she cares so much that we get the proper representation in DC - We need to get the democrats back in the white house - I wish her the best- though I know this is not the last we will hear from Hilary Clinton the woman that would be president of the US- my best to all of you that were able to go out on the road with her and for her. God bless the US and the honest hardworking people that work for a better America

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