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Live from Invesco Field


Obama wraps it up. This speech will be analyzed for days. Lots of moving passages, lots of specifics about what he intends to do. Lots of criticism of John McCain. Fireworks, red and white streamers. I'm signing off. Enjoy the campaign.Sen. Obama couldn't get a more friendly crowd, but folks in the stadium are shouting out in agreement with him as he gets warmed up.OK, I take it back. The full text of his speech came by and it says "failed policies of George W. Bush." An earlier version of excerpts from his speech said "failed presidency."Republican John McCain supports President Bush 90 percent of the time. Obama gets big laugh saying that's "a 10 percent chance on change"McCain is probably ruing the day Phill Gramm gave the Democrats the "nation of whiners" line.I don't know if you can see this on television, but thousands of flashes are going off. The image of Obama broadcast behind him is framed by columns. Kansas gets a mention when he refers to his mother, who is "from Kansas."The prepared text of his speech refers to the "the failed presidency of George W. Bush," which seems much stronger than what he actually said, "the failed policies of George W. Bush."Foot-stomping standing ovation, chants of yes we can. obama accepts nomination at 9:14 p.m. Lawrence time.Bill Richardson's speech was almost completely different than the text of his speech that was handed out. Richardson also got the crowd stomping its feet, shaking the stadium.I thought playing "Let the Sunshine In" for Al Gore was funny. Gore got a good laugh with his "I believe in recycling, but that's ridiculous."The Jumbotron here has to be the most photographed screen in the country. It's a beautiful night, nice breeze coming through so it's starting to cool down. The stadium is still filling up.I'm sitting up in the stands behind all the big network stages on the field. I have a pretty straight view of the podium but I'm pretty far away, so most folks in my section will often turn around to look at the Jumbotron. I'm sitting between a writer for Christian Century and a correspondent for an Israeli paper.will.i.am just got the crowd going with "yes i can." CNN chief political correspondent John King loosening up behind the CNN stage by tossing a football around. Staff handing out texts of speeches. Haven't got Obama's yet and probably won't. Sun is setting and really only the east side of the stadium is still getting hit with the sun.***I have arrived at Invesco Field. Got here after standing in long line with rest of the media to get on one of the dozens of buses coming over. Thousands of people, long lines crossing bridges over highways to get over here. Inside Invesco, the Obama campaign has telephone banks set up for people to make calls as volunteers seeking help for the campaign. Long list of entertainment on tap, Stevie Wonder one of the artists.I'm filing this from down in the bowels of the stadium. Had to kind of take a space from another paper whose reporter stepped away. Once I leave here to go upstairs in the stadium, I'll probably lose my spot. The entire media circus has just picked up from the Pepsi Center and moved over here. I'll blog as developments warrant.


Ronda Miller 9 years, 10 months ago

I am jealous. You are there and I am here. I will be reading with interest. Stay safe! Hopefully it is cooler there than here! :)

tongaloid 9 years, 10 months ago

Yes we can increase taxes on businesses and make the consumer pay less (unless the businesses pass the higher tax to the consumers).Yes we can reduce taxes on 95% of Americans and soak the upper 5% (who pay 53.8% of income tax).Yes we can make your debt go away (even if it was through irresponsible financial planning). Yes we can pay teachers more (I didn't know paying teachers was a federal issue, so much for the 10th Amendment).Yes we can tell you that the military will be rebuilt for future conflicts (while previously saying the budget for the military would be cut).Yes we can walk on water, cure cancer, heal the sick, make the blind see again.Yes we can keep a straight face when blowing smoke up your pipe.Does anybody actually think Barack Hussein Obama really believes he is his brothers keeper? Does anybody believe any of this garbage?

UFC_FAN 9 years, 10 months ago

his half brother lives in a hut off of 12 bucks a year. nice values pal. actions>words/promises

RobbinStPaul 9 years, 10 months ago

Listen pal, let's talk about brothers, half-brothers and as long as we are at it brothers-in-law.As Obama has said repeatedly, we must be responsible for ourselves and choosing our own paths in life. I have Republican friends who's brothers live in the mothers home on welfare and food stamps and suffer from diabetes and emphysema who smoke and drink heavily and scream profanities at the TV about how we should bomb the hell out of the Middle East and elect more Republicans so we can expand the war zone into neighboring countries. Who is his keeper? If he doesn't want to help himself, who should help him? Many have tried to come to his aid but he only gets worse. By comparison, Obama's brother is an honest man living and noble life. Your narrow-minded comments are rife with arrogance and self-righteous smugness. As Obama has said, individuals have responsibility to take care of themselves, keep their own house in order, and do for themselves what others cannot do for them.But when circumstances beyond the control of individuals (such as when hurricane Katrina destroyed homes, neighborhood and lives after the levee's broke) as a society we have a responsibility to "be our brothers keeper." Apparently, George Bush, John McCain and the Republicans did not feel the same way and still do not as they continue to vote against critical federal dollars to assist with rebuilding New Orleans and restore the infrastructure to keep us safe. Instead they are spending billions and billions of dollars a week (borrowed from the Chinese) for a completely incompetent war effort in Iraq.To further the shame of the Republican Party, the Canadians and Dutch had rescue ships in the Gulf of Mexico waiting to move in on Louisiana and Mississippi ready to move in and save lives three years ago. These highly trained rescue ships possessed special equipment, tools and trained personnel in water borne rescue and flood abatement. The U.S. government refused the foreign assistance being offered in rescue and restricted them from entering the 12-mile international boundary. People died whose lives could have been saved.Who is our brothers keeper? There seems to be a pathological ignorance or twisting of the truth by Republican extremists used to perpetuate their desperate control of power. Their thirst for power cares nothing about the well-being of our country and its people -- it simple exists to serve their irrepressible greed or their PR image.

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