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Schweitzer rocks


_Paul Davis is one of three Lawrence delegates to the Democratic National Convention who will be blogging on LJWorld.com. Check back often to see what they're saying.>_Next to Barack Obama, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is my favorite politician. There is something about a bolo tie, blue jeans wearing governor that you gotta love. I first heard Schweitzer speak about 18 months ago at a legislative conference. He was supposed to lead a breakout session on energy issues. Schweitzer walked in the room, sat down at a table, put his cowboy boots up on the table, took the microphone and said "folks, lets cut through the bull, I'm going to talk about what the problem is and how we're going to solve it." He then proceeded to lay out a detailed plan as to how we shift energy policy in America. That was impressive to say the least.I've heard Schweitzer speak a few other times and he always gets a crowd fired up. Tuesday night was no different. The Kansas delegates marveled as this unconventional governor got the Pepsi Center crowd to its feet and cheering with great enthusiasm. Schweitzer was clearly so excited that he departed from the script a few times to throw in another dig or two at John McCain.The Kansas delegates were also excited to hear Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' speech. Although she wasn't in the prime time TV slot, she received a very good reception from the crowd. Her line about John McCain's houses was a crowd favorite.I'm very excited to hear Joe Biden tonight. I was a little lukewarm about his selection at first, but I'm warming up to the choice. I have no doubt that he's going to go on the attack tonight and throw some good red meat to the crowd. It will also be interesting to hear from President Clinton, too. A lot has been made about his alleged "cool" relationship with Obama. I wouldn't be surprised if that is significantly assuaged tonight.


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