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Live during the Bill Clinton and Joe Biden speeches


Obama compliments all the speakers"If I'm not mistaken Hilary Clinton rocked the house last night." Bill Clinton reminded folks what is was like to have a president "who actually puts people first."Change starts from the bottom up, he says.Now the Democratic National Convention moves to 75,000-seat Invesco Field at Mile High tomorrow. Rumors are that Bruce Springsteen will perform. Obama makes a surprise appearance. Talks about how proud he is to have the Biden family along with him on the race for the White House.I'm watching Biden's speech on big screen television. It's a much younger crowd out on the concourse hallways. They sit on the floor enrapt in the speech; photogs come by to shoot their faces.Of and on over the past two days, they have shut down the inside part of the Pepsi Center because the crowds have been over capacity.Biden is ripping into McCain. "John McCain was wrong, Barack Obama was right," gets lots of applause. Biden lauds John McCain as a friend, but criticizes the direction he wants to take the country.Biden says the American dream is slipping away; Washington is watching people get pushed down and not helping them up.Biden: "Giving up is unforgivable."Biden says his wife Jill leaves him both "breathless and speechless at the same time." She gets her own standing ovation.Anyone else notice CNN has ditched their ridiculous floor noise meter? It was never accurate.Doesn't seem to be a dry eye in the place tonight, as Del. AG Beau Biden introduces his dad, Joe Biden. CNN had a tight shot of Michelle Obama as a tear streamed down her cheek.Tom Hanks narrates a video tribute to U.S. veterans, produced by Steven Spielberg.Clinton wraps it up; adoring crowd. Lots of big applause lines."Thanks but no thanks," or "That makes two of us," he says.Now Clinton starts into the Republican administration. Workers, families, military families have all suffered over the past eight years. "What about Katrina and cronyism. My fellow Democrats, America can do better than that."Calls U.S. John McCain a good and honorable man. But he says he is wrong on the major issues of the day and promises more of the same - more tax cuts for wealthiest Americans, enriching insurance companies, foreign policy mistakes. Clinton has said it many different ways that Barack Obama is ready to be president and he will get his full support. There has been talk all through the convention that Hillary Clinton supporters were still upset but others have said that rift has been exaggerated. He says the next president will have to "rebuild the American dream and restore American leadership in the world.""Barack Obama is the man for this job," he says. On his choice of Biden, Obama "hit it out of the park."They are passing American flags around the convention center.Talks about the campaign of his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton. Getting into meat of his speech. Talks about economic problems at home and problems in international relations.Crowd, cheering and chanting won't let Bill Clinton talk. "Sit down. We got to get on with the show here," he says."I am here first to support Barack Obama and second, I'm here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden."***I'm way up in the rafters in the Pepsi Center. As usual it is packed. Event staff just shooed everyone away who was sitting on the steps.


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