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Up & Down Forecast


To be honest, we are looking at a very mild forecast over the next several days. We are dealing with a Pacific airmass that will bring relatively mild temperatures and plenty of moisture as we head into the beginning of next week.

Look for peeks of the sun for your Wednesday as a warm front continues to ride to the north leaving temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. The good news... an end to the FOG, at least for the time being.

The real change starts toward Friday evening. Warmer air surges in for Saturday, but showers will follow. Don't be shocked to hear a rumble of thunder along the way before cooler air prevails by Sunday evening. The wind will whip around to the north by Sunday night and drop our temperatures to a point that a little snow may mix in with the light showers for Sunday night and early Monday.

Keep the coats/jackets/snowboots/gloves handy over the next several days. At least it won't be the bitter cold of early January... for now.


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