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Winds of change across NE Kansas


A real taste of fall weather is spilling into Northeast Kansas as we speak. The fall-like air is coming in from Canada, on gusty northwest breezes.

Those breezes will impact travel in Northeast Kansas, too. If you are heading on I-70, you will likely need a firm grip on the wheel through the daylight hours of your Monday. Winds look to die down, at least here in Northeast Kansas, Monday night. However, if you have travel planned on I-35 further north and east, those winds will be even stronger Monday; they will take longer to die down Monday night, too.

I will be traveling north and east, my Northeast Kansas friends, Monday. These fall-like winds of change are taking me back to my farm, in southwest Wisconsin. My dearest wishes to you, your health and spirits!

Winds of change are back in the forecast, again, come Tuesday in Northeast Kansas. Expect those winds to pick back up, from the south, later Tuesday afternoon. These south winds will be warm winds. By the time we get to Wednesday, temperatures will be back up to normal Kansas values. Enjoy!

Fast changing weather patterns are common in Kansas. Winds of change are even more common in the fall and spring seasons, when the clashing of conflicting airmasses meet up in the Midwest. Expect a roller coaster of temperatures through December.

Do you like it when temperatures change a lot? What don't you like about quick temperature changes? What is the biggest temperature swing you can remember?


Curtis Lange 8 years, 6 months ago

Is it a requirement to say Northeast Kansas at least once in each paragraph of these blogs? If we're reading it, we obviously know the area the blog is speaking of....

To answer the questions: No, I am not a fan of the quick temp changes. Biggest swing that comes to mind quickly is one from last Winter (might have been late Fall) where the temp swung some 30°+ in right over 30 minutes.

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