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A wet year for northeast Kansas


So far this year in Lawrence, when it rains, it pours. So much so that we are 6.80" above the yearly average to this point in the year.

Here is how it breaks down:
January 0.07" (-1.13")
February 0.84" (-0.35")
March 4.40" (+1.66")
April 7.98" (+4.44")
May 2.99" (-1.31")
June 5.59" (-0.04")
July 7.37" (+3.36")
August 6.87" (+3.06")
Through September 21 1.33" (-1.85")

The bottom line is that we are getting plenty of rain during the summer months, which is keeping the plants and grass green even in the late summer when we typically see the hottest weather. At this point, we only need to pick up an additional 2.39" of rain over the next three months to break even for the year.


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