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Right in time, welcome to Winter Weather Awareness Day


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We just had our first snow of the season, so winter weather may be fresh on your mind. Today is Winter Weather Awareness Day; the National Weather Service in Topeka does a great job at explaining the different winter weather warnings, watches and advisories.

If you have not prepared for the winter season yet, or think you may have missed something, here are a few links with tips to help you prepare:

FEMA provides basic information on what needs to be done to your house and car for the winter season.

If you are looking for tips on how to prepare your house yourself, you can find detailed information on preparing your lawn, gutters, pipes, chimneys and much more. You can also find information on preparing your sprinkler system.

When it comes to winter weather, I think I hear the most complaints about road conditions and how people don’t know how to drive in the winter weather. This first site goes over tips to prepare your car for the winter, along with what you should include in your winter survival kit and a couple of tips for driving on slippery roads. This second site touches on driving in the snow and driving for long distances in the winter.

Please share your winter weather tips and stories in the comments below.


maxcrabb 8 years, 7 months ago

Sitting at the light for Harvard @ Iowa during the first of the wet and cold weather this week, saw a guy approaching the intersection from the north, with a cop in the turn lane opposite him. The lights hit yellow, he freaks out, and instead of just going through the light (on a yellow) he slams on the breaks and does a complete 180. Everyone gave him room to turn around, and you can bet that cop pulled him over for a little chat about driving in winter conditions. I wish I could watch that over and over!

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