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Winter Storm Wrap-Up


This winter storm certainly packed quite a punch, dumping a foot of snow in Corning, Kan., while leaving Lawrence with just shy of 3 inches of total accumulation.

The first inch of snow came early Tuesday morning and most of that was quickly melted by the rain and sleet that fell during the day. The next batch dropped shy of 2 inches Tuesday night and Wednesday before fading out of the area by 4 a.m.

Now we have to deal with the aftermath of that storm which happens to be bitter temperatures and nasty a wind-chill. Temperatures tonight could drop below zero in some areas and we will likely have wind chill readings between -10° and -20° below zero at times, with a strong northwest wind.

Here are some common sense things to remember during the cold:
1) Bundle up! Wind chill only effects exposed skin. Gloves, scarves and coats are all needed if you are heading out.
2) Don't stay out for prolonged periods of time. The more you're exposed to the cold, the more likely your core temperature will drop.
3) Bring your animals in out of the cold or at the very least provide shelter. Make sure that they have water (not iced-over water dishes). Even in your garage, your dog or cat's water dishes can ice over.
4) Your car isn't bothered by the wind chill. You only have to make sure that your coolant can withstand the lowest possible temperature. The wind chill reading isn't going to affect your car's coolant. Mine is usually at least rated at -30°.


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