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Snow records fall around northeast Kansas — not in Lawrence — with more snow coming soon


Our recent blizzard was one of the worst storms this region has seen in recent years. It has also shattered monthly snowfall records for many cities and towns around northeast Kansas, when combined with earlier snowfall.

In Lawrence, while we had 8.5" of snow from this last storm, we had relatively little accumulation earlier this month, meaning no new records for us.

Here are some of the areas with new December snow records:

Concordia: 20.3" (previous record was 16.7" in 1983)

Manhattan: 18.7" (previous record was 14.9" in 2007)

Emporia: 9.0" (previous record was 7.1" in 2000)

Marysville: 12.4" (previous record was 12.3" in 2007)

Other records could fall later this week. We are forecasting another, smaller chance for snow Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.


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