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Over a foot of snow for some in Northeast Kansas


Weather Watch ...from the A.M.

Here are some of the snowfall totals across the area:

Barnes (Washington Co.): 15.5"

Concordia (Cloud Co.): 14.3"

Axtell (Marshall Co.): 14.2"

Haddam (Washington Co.): 12.1"

Lillis (Marshall Co.): 12"

Blue Rapids (Marshall Co.): 12"

Marysville (Marshall Co.): 11"

Onaga (Pottawatomie Co.): 10.5"

Baileyville (Nemaha Co.): 9.5"

Washington (Washington Co.): 9"

Manhattan (Riley Co.): 8.9"

Glasco (Cloud Co.): 8.8"

Junction City (Geary Co.): 8.5"

Miltonvale (Cloud Co.): 8.5"

Valley Falls (Jefferson Co.): 8.1"

McFarland (Wabaunsee Co.): 7.7"

Hiawatha (Brown Co.): 7.5"

Wilsey (Morris Co.): 7"

Topeka (Shawnee Co.): 6.7"

White City (Morris Co.): 6"

Fort Riley(Geary/Riley Co.): 5.9"

Eskridge (Wabaunsee Co.): 5"

Lecompton (Douglas Co.): 5"

Lawrence (Douglas Co.): 2.6"

Osage City (Osage Co.): 1.4"

Emporia (Lyon Co.): 1.2"

Neosho Rapids (Lyon Co.): 0.7"

Gridley (Coffey Co.): Trace

How much snow did you get at your house; and did you enjoy the snow? We have already received several snowy pictures; if you have any pictures you haven't sent in, please send them to us.


Pywacket 4 years, 4 months ago

rodentgirl~ That's great! Now you'll have some comfort in a cup if we ever do get snowed in...


jackpot 4 years, 4 months ago

Didn't Haddam get like 15-18" two weeks ago also?


rodentgirl16 4 years, 4 months ago


Can you explain the Tongie split? I hear it mentioned alot, but don't know if I understand exactly how it's supposed to work? Py, I made your hot chocolate recipe from the other day and it was fabulous. I was a hero in my family!


farfle 4 years, 4 months ago

People who want snow have never had to walk ten miles in it delivering mail. Consider your mail man,give him a Christmas gift.


hujiko 4 years, 4 months ago

Proof of the tongie split? Look at how Lecompton, no more than 10 miles from downtown Lawrence received twice as much snow! I'm getting real fed up with this nonsense.


Pywacket 4 years, 4 months ago

We didn't get s*** in the Baldwin area. Maybe half an inch.

As usual, 9/10 of our share of precipitation came in the form of rain, before there was a brief burst of snowflakes very late Thursday evening/night.

Why does this happen virtually every time a large amount of winter precip is predicted? Are we in some weird little zone?

Doesn't seem to matter whether we're on the south edge (as we were this time) or the north edge of whatever large, stormy mass is heading through the state--whatever part of it passes over us hits higher temperatures and we get rain. Or freezing rain. And, for that matter, I can't remember ever being smack dab in the middle of storm. We're always toward the north or south edge, rather than in the thick of things.

I want a real snowstorm, dang it!


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