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Dog Days Are Here


We have heard the term "Dog Days" of summer numerous times, and most of us know that it happens in the heat of the summer. No, I'm not talking about the insanely popular "Dog Days" exercise program here in Lawrence. I'm talking about the hottest part of the summer that we typically experience this time of year.The term "Dog Days" refers to a term used by the Greeks and Romans. They called these days "caniculares dies" (days of the dogs) which is a reference to the "Dog Star", Sirius. A look at the Old Farmer's Almanac says that the dates for "Dog Days" are the 40 days from July 3rd through August 11th that coincide with the rise of Sirius.Oddly enough, that is also when we see the hottest days here in Lawrence. Our average daytime high during that time ranges between 90 and 92 degrees with record highs ranging between 103 to 113 degrees. This summer has been relatively mild with only a handful of 90+ degree days; we are setting up to have another warm swing to the weather later this week. And while we are on the topic of warm temperatures, here are a few safety tips to keep safe. If you are going to be in the heat, drink plenty of water and find time to rest inside or in the shade. Also, keep plenty of cold water for animals while they are outside during the heat of the day and try not to take your dog on a walk while the heat is at its peak. The concrete and asphalt can get VERY hot to their bare pads and cause blisters that can be painful for them.


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