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Freezing drizzle highlights Thursday night's outlook


Here is an update on the current situation. Numerous light rain showers and drizzle will continue for most of the evening. Our temperatures remain close to the freezing mark, which could lead to freezing rain and drizzle for the majority of the evening. Drier air in the mid-levels may push this event to more of a freezing drizzle or light freezing rain event rather than heavier rainfall tonight.At 4:40 p.m. on Thursday it was reported to the National Weather Service that Oskaloosa had light mist and it is sticking to wind shields. Expect some icing to continue tonight and for many roads to deteriorate through the evening. I don't expect to see a major ice event out of this for the immediate area, although temperatures directly to our north are much colder and could make ice more of a player in the evening and morning commute there. I would encourage people to use extreme caution tonight and early tomorrow as our overnight low will drop back to 30 degrees (cold enough to support ice on roadways). Bridge decks along I-70 in Lawrence at 5:00 had readings of 34 degrees. Bridges and overpasses will obviously ice up first, so please take your time as you are heading out and pay special attention to these areas. Many bridges along I-70 east and west of Lawrence are below freezing.The drizzle is expected to taper off as you get closer to the 2-3 a.m. hours with the possibility of light snow falling as this storm system works it's way toward the Ohio Valley.


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