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Weekend System


If you've been watching 6Weather this week, then you know about a strong system that has been brewing in south-central Canada! It's an "upper-level low pressure" system. Which basically means that it's an organized, large system, that is at the height of the jetstream.The low pressure is forecasted to move into eastern Montana by Thursday afternoon, then northeast Colorado by Friday afternoon. It will then park over the Central Plains, possibly through next Tuesday! That means more clouds, below average temperatures, and periods of thunderstorms and rain. Our better chance for storms will be from Thursday night through Saturday afternoon. After that it should mainly be rain showers. It won't rain all weekend, but periods of rain and clouds are in the forecast. If you have outdoor weekend plans, take along an umbrella. As the system gets into the Central Plains, we should have a better idea of when we will likely see the rainfall for the weekend forecast.


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