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Perseid Meteor Shower - The Forecast


Tonight is the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. At its peak 60 meteors per hour are expected. But we do have a few flies in the ointment for viewing the show. The first is the forecast. Mostly cloudy skies are expected later tonight. That means that it won't be overcast the whole night, but we are expecting extra clouds. As we make it into tomorrow morning, there is also an isolated chance for a thunderstorm. But the good news there is that it looks like our best storm chance will be after 6 AM (when it starts to get light out anyway). The second hindrance tonight will be the moon. There is a waxing gibbous moon that will cause some light pollution to the night sky until it sets. The moon will eventually set at 2:06 AM. So, to wrap up these details, your best viewing will be specific to the forecast, of when we have breaks in the clouds. And hopefully we will have some breaks after 2 AM, when the moon sets. Tune in tonight at 10 PM on Sunflower Broadband's Channel 6 News, I'll take a close look at the area satellite, and talk about the overnight cloud conditions in detail. Good luck!


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