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Lawrence vs. Columbia rivalry taken to streets


Here's a new measuring stick to compare Lawrence with rival Columbia, Mo. - street sign theft.The [Columbia Missourian][1] reports that the Public Works Department in Columbia replaced more than 1,600 street signs last year at a cost of about $100 each. Some of the most commonly stolen signs are for streets that share their names with beers, such as Corona Road and Rolling Rock Drive, or common last names, such as Smith Street.An interesting comparison can be drawn between Columbia and the similarly sized city of Lawrence, Kan., home of the University of Kansas. (Public Works spokeswoman Jill) Stedem said Lawrence has no budget for replacing street signs because there is simply no problem with theft. One possible reason: the city simply doesn't name streets after beer brands. [1]: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2007/11/08/street-sign-theft-costly-problem/


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