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Does KU's Self make too much money?


¢ A columnist for the [Monterey County (Calif.) Herald][1] takes a shot at Bill Self's basketball coaching contract.If your math has failed you at this point, Coach Self has already banked $75,000 and could have received another $200,000, in addition to his annual salary, which, by the way, also allows him radio, television, shoe and clothing contracts that pay him more as well. Wow! Whatever happened to honor and glory and pride? That's what coaches used to coach for -- not money.¢ KU's "differential tuition" fee structure is mentioned in a story at [InsideHigherEd.com][2] about waning state support for public universities.At its March meeting, the Board of Regents at Arizona State University approved a $250 per semester tuition differential for upperclassmen in the journalism school which, as of 2008 will be housed in a new, downtown Phoenix facility. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the Board of Regents will consider two differential tuition policies, one for the School of Business and the other for the College of Engineering, next month. To the east, UW Milwaukee - now in its third year of differential tuition for undergraduates studying the arts, engineering, business and nursing - just added differential tuition for its architecture students this academic year, and is set for a promised review of its tuition policy this fall. Iowa State University also added differential tuition for upperclassmen in the College of Engineering just this year. But these universities weren't the pioneers. They join many institutions that already jumped on the pay-for-your-program bandwagon, such as the University of Kansas, which charges extra tuition for undergraduates studying architecture, business, education, engineering, fine arts, journalism and pharmacy, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At Illinois, tuition is $834 more a year for fine arts students, plus $500 extra in books and supplies and $3,462 extra per year for students studying biology, business, chemistry, engineering (including agricultural engineering), math and computer science, and physics. That means an Illinois resident pursuing one of those fields would be paying $13,428 for tuition annually, compared to the $9,966 paid by a political science major. [1]: http://www.montereyherald.com/mld/montereyherald/sports/16974462.htm [2]: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2007/03/26/tuition


BigDog 11 years, 1 month ago

Who cares what he thinks about Bill Self's contract?

gconfo 11 years, 1 month ago

I like how he conveniently failed to mention UCLA's Ben Howland's contract. I guess it falls under the category of "others".

mom_of_three 11 years, 1 month ago

Ben Howland makes 1.15 million before bonuses, but I think he signed a new contract this year. And the salary figures I found were for 2006 appearances.
The article did mention other coaches eventually, but not UCLA's.

auturgy 11 years, 1 month ago

Would this be "news" if KU had won the game on Sunday? I don't think so.

GSWtotheheart 11 years, 1 month ago

has anyone seen the size of Bill Self??? No wonder he gets a clothing and shoes allowance!!! He's huge!

Nikki May 11 years, 1 month ago

Bill Self doesn't look too big to me when I see him. He was right near us and he IS tall and thick, but I've seen way bigger guys around.

JSDAD 11 years, 1 month ago

and Jim Tunney gets paid how much to think up things like this to write about. talk about overpaid. makes me wonder how much his half baked opinions came into play while he was ref-ing games.

james bush 11 years, 1 month ago

I think the NBA should pay the coaches' salaries for college "student-athletes" they entice to join their team by endowments which escalate in proportion to an index based on the points scored/reboundsmade/minutes played etc......ok, I'm kidding!!??? or maybe not.

Student-athlete, hhhmmmm!?

maxcrabb 11 years, 1 month ago

stupid point to make anyway. Just because a coach makes X amount doesn't mean he goes around demanding it.

I bet tubby smith is taking a loss moving to minnesota, and i don't think bill self or any other coach would first consider money before the schools reputation and record.

The people in charge of budgeting and offering such compensation should be the ones taking the blame for any inflated salaries.

purplesage 11 years ago

It is curious that the coaches make more than the chancellor. You get what you pay for, they say. Bill Self is a first rate coach and a class act. That costs money these days. Sports is a big money deal and those with the right talent can command large paychecks. What are you going to do?

del888 11 years ago

Fee free to send your comments to their editor. His email address is: mheditor@montereyherald.com . I'll be sending him my thoughts on this - like mind your own business and stay our of ours!

gkwhdw 11 years ago

If Mr. Self wasn't worth his salary, don't ya think there's someone alot more capable than those of you opposed to him receiving this generous amount that could figure out the solution to this never ending rambling? Like in all aspects of life, you get what you're worth. Wake up tomorrow and find something more worthy for you all to quibble about!This is none of your business!

Jace 11 years ago

I wonder if this guy knows how much UCONN's Jim Calhoun makes?

Also....Calhoun is barred from any endorsement deals! (Conn. state law, passed several years back.)

That should give you some idea as to how much money UCONN (i.e. the state of Connecticut) pays Calhoun.

A lot! lol

Jace 11 years ago

Calhoun and UCONN women's coach Gino Auriemma were making soooooooooooooooooo much money off of endorsement deals (car dealerships, to name a few) that the state of Connecticut basically felt like: "Hey, you two seem to be doing okay with your outside endorsements...why should we pay you huuuuge salaries? You two ain't exacly starving, you know!"

So...in the end.....Connecticut said "yes" to giving Calhoun and Auriemma multi-million dollar long-term contracts....but in exchange, Calhoun and Auriemma had to agree to giving up multi-million dollar promos and endorsement deals.

I feel sorry for the next UCONN men's and women's basketball coaches, however.....because you know that they won't be given the kinds of salaries that Gino And Jim presently make!--And because of this state law that they now have in place in Connecticut....the future men's and women's coaches will not be allowed to supplement their salaries with endorsements and paid promos.

Write2Know 11 years ago

"The people in charge of budgeting and offering such compensation should be the ones taking the blame for any inflated salaries."

The real ones to blame for escalating salaries are the fans and rich alumni who demand that their schools have winning programs.

dgay 11 years ago

No coach should make as much money as anyone mentioned in this forum. Yes, sports are important, but college is about education; use the money to offer more scholarships to students, or lower tuition, or at least put it towards facilities and equipment that will help the students.

Universities are not sports teams that happen to have professors tagging along, they are learning institutions, and Bill Self has finished his formal education. Give the money to the students.

roger_o_thornhill 11 years ago

This is a question that will go nowhere in a land where millions of people "play" the lottery and where wealth is equal to worth. You can't begrudge someone's millions when you want millions of your own. But guess what, ALL resources on this planet are FINITE. Even money. That means if some people have large amounts of money, other people necessarily must have small amounts of money or none at all. That's just the way it works. It isn't directly exploitative, but it is the reason why entertainers are paid more than doctors, teachers, nurses, and public servants (not to mention 80% of the rest of the population). But hey, I'm probably the dope for not wanting it all and then some. Or a sap for caring about the--what was it they said in church, the "least of My people".

Ah, the land where all men are created equal, but as soon as they poke their heads out of the womb...well that's a story for another day. Plus prenatal care renders that moot anyways.

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