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KU grad first woman herpetology curator at Bronx Zoo


¢ The [New York Daily News][1] today profiles a Kansas University graduate who is the Bronx Zoo's first woman curator of herpetology.Jennifer Pramuk received both her master's and doctorate degrees from KU.The sleek indigo snake - so named for its blacker-than-black skin - was draped over Jennifer Pramuk's shoulders, its tail wrapped around the keys hooked to her waistband while its head moved under her arm and up her back, its tongue flitting out.It's not a dangerous snake, but the sight of it slithering around on the pretty, pale blond woman would send a shiver down anyone's spine.For Pramuk, it's one of the joys of her job. Along with crocodiles, lizards, turtles and, especially, frogs. [1]: http://www.nydailynews.com/boroughs/bronx/2007/08/14/2007-08-14_zoo_expert_crazy_about_creepycrawlies.html


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