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'Battle Axe' expected to plea to murder


A Topeka man is expected to make a plea with prosecutors today in the killing of a 77-year-old Lecompton man during a home burglary in April, 2005.Leonard Wayne Price, a repeat burglar nicknamed "Battle Axe," is accused of breaking into the home of Lecompton resident Clarence David Boose - eventually leading to Boose getting shot once in the head. The burglary was part of a spree of crimes for Price and alleged accomplice Allen D. Smith, Price has told investigators. Price told police that Smith pulled the trigger - but even so, under Kansas law Price could be charged with murder because he allegedly committed the original crime of aggravated burglary.Both Price and Smith are serving prison sentences for attempted murder for a shooting during a Pottawatomie County burglary, less than a week after Boose's killing.It is unclear what charge Price may plea to today, but his hearing is set for 3:30 this afternoon in the courtroom of Douglas County District Judge Michael Malone. Price's trial was set for March 5.


Quigebo 11 years, 1 month ago

After a lifetime in the prison showers, the BattleAxe will look like he had a Battle in his A$$, and lost. Rot scumbag.

Moderateguy 11 years, 1 month ago

If I remember correctly, this guy has a long and storied record. He's probably already familiar with the inside of a prison. The problem is he didn't rot in there the last time he visited.

daman 11 years, 1 month ago

what no "mistrial"? I'm disappointed.

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