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Son asked father for help after shooting, witness says


Moments after shooting a member of his extended family, Hinndley Espinales sat on the back of his pickup truck and asked his father to help him, Rufino Espinales said Tuesday in Douglas County Court.Hinndley Espinales stood trial for allegedly shooting and killing Alvin Sanchez. Espinales' attorney admits his client shot and killed Sanchez, but claims Espinales was acting spontaneously after a heated argument and fight.Espinales is charged with premeditated first-degree murder for the March 4 shooting at 109 Hillside Drive in Baldwin.In court, Rufino Espinales said the argument began after a night of drinking at a local bar and at Rufino Espinales' home, where the family was celebrating his 50th birthday.The argument became heated when Hinndley Espinales and Sanchez's wife, Jamelia, argued over why he used a restroom in the home where Sanchez's children were sleeping, Rufino Espinales told jurors.The answer: There was no toilet paper in the other restroom.But the argument turned into violence, with Hinndley Espinales and Sanchez exchanging blows, Rufino Espinales said. Moments later, Hinndley Espinales ran to his truck, grabbed a semi-automatic handgun. He then ran back inside.From outside the home, Rufino Espinales heard the two shots ring out. Hinndley Espinales then walked outside. On the back of his truck, the father and son sat while others inside called the police. Rufino Espinales said his son asked him for help."The only way I can help you is to call the police," Rufino Espinales recalled telling him.-Contributed by Ron Knox.


Sigmund 11 years, 7 months ago

"The only way I can help you is to call the police," Rufino Espinales recalled telling him. Sad, but true.

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