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Man robs liquor store at gunpoint


Lawrence police are searching for a suspect who robbed 23rd Street Liquor, 945 E. 23rd St., just after 10:30 p.m. Monday night.According to police, the man walked in and flashed the barrel of a gun. The clerk on duty handed the man an undisclosed amount of cash, then called the police.The suspect fled the store east on foot, police say. Security camera video captured images of a man about 6-feet-tall, weighing about 160 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a tan coat with a hood and sunglasses. As of Tuesday morning, the suspect was still at large.Police are asking anyone with information about the robbery to call 8443-TIPS, an anonymous tips hotline.


ljlook 10 years ago

Wow...what a great description. Can we get more? Was he black, white, hispanic, purple, green??? Are we that afraid that we will discriminate by stating color? This is relevant people.

Steve Jacob 10 years ago

Don't joke about this. When the guy shows a gun from the start, he's means business.

BrianR 10 years ago

Should have got one of the "No Guns' signs

Kim Murphree 10 years ago

The photos of the suspect from the liquor store security camera are on the police website under the link for media releases. Log onto www.lawrencepolice.org and use the link on the left. For information about daily reports use the link in the middle of the webpage for Community Information.

Kelly Anderson 10 years ago

if not "the barrel of a gun" then I would like to meet this person of interest............

craigers 10 years ago

I was thinking wow, a barrel of a gun huh? what about the rest of it? You can't do much with a barrel!!!! :)

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

... a barrel of fun? barrel of laughs? huh? crackerbarrel? pickelbarrel? fish in a barrel? barrel o'monkeys? barrel of laughs? over a barrel? on the barrelhead?

jeffds01 10 years ago

can we get a picture maybe, you can print snapshots from security cameras, if they were really worried about it they would have published a photo by now................. duh

jhawkrawk 10 years ago

By the shape of his nose, I think he is white. He does look warm, but he doesn't look armed. He does appear to have somehting in his pocket, though. I wonder what it might be.... by looking at these pictures we will never know anything, except the guy looked warm, and maybe white, and made a few dollars by frightening the employee.

Do we know what he was drinving, or which direction he was heading? Do we even know how long he stood there with that invisible look on his face?

It was noon, for crying out loud! Why don't we have a better description?

Hoots 10 years ago

Yeah, from the photo's you wouldn't know the guy is he was your best friend. Most of the pics are of the top of his head and the empty cash drawer. You would think they could do better in our high tech world. Gun cameras on WWII aircraft took better photo's...Geez.

badger 10 years ago

Hey, Marion?

How many liquor stores in town DO have 'protective security booths' in them? Which ones are those?

I take issue with your 'the owner doesn't care' statement. A liquor store is a retail store, not an armed castle under seige. The employees occasionally have to (gasp) do things like talk to a customer about which wine to buy, show someone where the tequila is, or help a handicapped or older customer carry something out to a car.

What happened was upsetting, and could have been a lot worse. I'm glad the clerk wasn't hurt, but to state that the owner of a store who chooses to operate it as a retail store instead of a fortress doesn't care about the safety of his employees is more ignorance than I've come to expect, even from you.

For the record, I've spent a good bit of time working part time in liquor or convenience stores in the last decade (makes a great second job), and have never had a 'safety enclosure' and never felt endangered by the lack of it. I've never felt as if I were being 'hung out to dry' by not having plexiglass to hide behind (which I'd just have had to come out from behind to help someone find something every ten minutes anyway, unless I wanted to just leave them wandering around trying to find the Twizzlers or the tequila or the motor oil). I've felt as if my employers did their part ensuring my safety by installing alarms, by maintaining strict drop-box policies and low-register-cash policies, by putting up cameras and by having second or third employees on duty when there was a concern about robbery.

Let's just encase everyone, from the kid at the gas station to the supermarket checker, in plexiglass and kevlar. Will we all be totally safe then?


audvisartist 10 years ago

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audvisartist 10 years ago

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x96merrill3 10 years ago

Now forward this thread to at least 10 people in the next 60 seconds and the girl you like will ask you out. It works, I SWEAR...just try it.

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

the igniting of nightwear...is that due to friction?
chances of dying of a shark bight ... in Kansas?
lots of laughs there 'Artist! if Marioni calls you "an apeaser" I guess that's a compliment! he is, after all, biosolidsman!

Bone777 10 years ago

If they would have put up their "No-Guns" signs, this would never have happened. Get on it, folks.

badger 10 years ago


Way to ignore what I actually said in favor of your usual tactic of hysterical blather.

In the 21st Century, we answer people's questions:

How many liquor stores in town have 'protective security booths' in them?

If it's such a great and important thing, and so very necessary to the safety of every employee, why is it that every employee in town isn't safely ensconced behind plexiglass? Is every single retail employer in town blatantly disregarding their employees' health and safety?

If 'they' (who are 'they' again? Do they ride with the men in the black helicopters that follow you around, Marion?) would 'kill you for a pack of cigarettes' then why isn't every employee at every grocery store, convenience store, Wal-Mart, and pharmacy secured behind two inches of reinforced window? How come Smoker Friendly isn't getting robbed every single day?

Oh, wait. I guess it's because








Mike Blur 10 years ago

Also, the best way to prevent violent crimes like this is to tighten up sentencing, and making prison overall an uncomfortable place to be.

Remember the person who committed six armed robberies in the summer and fall of 2000? Robbing places like Myers on 23rd and JFM on 9th? That person had been adjudicated, he served his time, and he has been out on parole now for over a year. Four years total for six armed robberies? I don't know where the guy is (I do konw who he is - I am actually a casual acquaintance of him, as much of the music community of Lawrence was) but I sincerely hope this wasn't him--he had no problem holding a gun to one of my friends' head back in the year 2000.

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