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Suspects wanted for buying meth-making drugs


An alert pharmacist calls police after recognizing two people trying to buy an ingredient used to manufacture methamphetamine, as the same couple who'd been in the store weeks earlier. Lawrence police were called to the Dillons Pharmacy, 1015 W. 23rd St. around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.Police said a 32-year-old Lawrence man and a Missouri woman in her 30s were both attempting to purchase pseudoephederine. The pharmacist told police the two had also been in the store two weeks before, attempting to purchase the same drug used to make meth. Officers also responded to a nearby Walgreens where the suspects had purchased additional quantities of pseudoephederine. Police said the two are wanted for questioning for possibly violating the Kansas chemical control act.


OldEnuf2BYurDad 12 years ago

A "32-year old Lawrence man".

Not "a man in his 30's". They know exactly who he is.

BS20 12 years ago

Is an ID required to buy this stuff?

Charla Welch 12 years ago

part of the problem is that you can't a month's supply in a single month. I'm amazed they never came knocking on my door with as regularly as I've been buying the stuff over the past year. If they're going to regulate this much for non-prescription drugs, you may as well just require a prescription.

Christine Pennewell Davis 12 years ago

well just give the dumb ones the idea to fool police, marion what you thinking?

OldEnuf2BYurDad 12 years ago

I wasn't aware that there was a "new" way. Do they still need ammonia?

bugmenot 12 years ago

They need ephedrine or pseudoephedrine to make meth, in tablet or powder form. It is very hard to impossible to make meth without these. As usual, Marion doesn't know what he is talking about.



bugmenot 12 years ago

Marion, also if the dealers are wising up then why do I have meth cookers/ suspicious dirty large quantity pseudofed purchasers in my pharmacy on a weekly basis. There needs to be an easier way for pharmacies to report suspected meth makers, I'm not talking about the normal people who want to purchase large amounts so they don't have to come back so often but the ones who go across the street to buy the exact same crap, then go hit the next pharmacy for some more. I've known at least 10 individuals like this that come from towns as far as 100miles away to purchase this crap in the KC area, really not much for pharmacists to do though.

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

ban Missouri women...she probably got the 32-year-old lawrence man into this trouble ..."st. louie woman!"

rayikeo 12 years ago

Did they get a description of thier car?

bugmenot 12 years ago


Searched on the internet for your little method of manufacturing meth. Didn't find anything. Seems like you are making stuff up again. Suprising, no. I suppose the meth is finally getting to your head though, you might want to quit.



bugmenot 12 years ago


Another reason for less meth lab busts is because there are actually less meth labs. Most meth is brought over from Mexico where they don't have to worry about pseudoephedrine laws like we do.



bugmenot 12 years ago


Yes, I've heard of Uncle Fester and quick searching on the internet found many different ways of manufacturing the stuff. You say using phenylnitropropylene is an easy way to manufactur meth, I didn't find any information on that chemical so I don't know. But my question is how do they get ahold of that chemical in the first place. If phenylnitropropylene isn't available then no meth can be made from it. You remind me of the news Marion which is very annoying. Next Marion will tell you what daily household appliance can kill you, or what you are doing right now that could be deadly,stay tuned.



compmd 12 years ago

Dang, remind me to not have a bad cold. I don't want the pharmacists to send the long arm of the law after me.

Kookamooka 12 years ago


Why do you know so much about this?

bugmenot 12 years ago


That is just an ignorant thing to say. What this guy did was go to Dillon's and bought the maximum amount you could buy, his dirty girlfriend was behind him and did the same thing. Then went to Walgreens and did the same thing. Him and his girlfriend both had Joplin, MO licenses and hit up multiple pharmacies. As long as you aren't running around to multiple pharmacies weekly to get 10 times the amount of pseudophed you possibly could take then you don't have anything to worry about. Though I know how you like to exaggerate on things that you really have no clue about.

Tamaralaug 12 years ago


Just curious, how do you know so much about making meth?

compmd 12 years ago

whoa there.

I didn't make any statement regarding these folks. I made a lighthearted comment on a potential situation for someone with a bad cold. But I forgot this is the ljworld, and personal attacks and gross misinterpretations are the norm.

yay for angry lawrencians!

bugmenot 12 years ago

Compmd, welcome to the internet. It is the norm on here. You attacked first. I am a pharmacist. I took offense to your saying that we call the cops on anybody who purchases pseudophed. But I forgot, you can attack somebody but when attacked back you cry and whine.

Yay for stupid d-bags.

rooga 12 years ago

Marion and bugmenot-

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words shall never hurt you" Remember that!

You two dont even know each other and are wanting to battle.

Grow up!! Your adults right!??

compmd 12 years ago

bugmenot, I'm not quite sure what post you read, because nowhere did I say that pharmacists call the cops on anybody that purchases pseudoephedrine. Your interpretation of my post as an outward attack towards you is bewildering. I actually told a few pharmacy students about my post and they found it rather amusing. You can't go around thinking that everyone is out to get you, especially in an online message board.

Thank you, but I need no welcoming to the Internet. That was done many, many years ago with equipment few on this board have heard of. Implying that the Internet is a forum for personal attacks and the release of anger against others disappoints me greatly. The Internet is a resource for collaboration and technological advancement. If you think otherwise, then you have yet to discover all that it offers.

Rooga, good post.

bugmenot 12 years ago

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words shall never hurt you"

You're an idiot.

Compmd, whatever. Your post was taking as an insult to me. It sounded like you made pharmacists out to be asses looking to bust people. No different than if I said jews were cheapskates. Oh, but not all jews though.

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