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Wakarusa arrestees came from 28 states


More than 80 people from 28 states were arrested in the past four days, as 15,000 people came to Lawrence for the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival at Clinton State Park.By the numbers:¢ At least 25 of those arrested had a marijuana-related charge.¢ 12 had an LSD-related charge.¢ Six had a cocaine-related charge¢ 47 people were arrested for being a minor in possession of alcohol. In most cases, officers from the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control made the arrest.¢ Friday should be a crowded day in District Court. Most of the people arrested and released on bond were given the same court time: this coming Friday at 1:30. It remains to be seen how many actually appear. ¢ Those arrested came from the following states: Kansas (14), Missouri (9), Wisconsin (8), Colorado (7), Oklahoma (6), Illinois (5), New Mexico (4), Iowa (3), New Jersey (3), New York (3), Vermont (2), Pennsylvania (2), Kentucky (2), Nebraska (2), Mississippi (2), Georgia (2), West Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Montana, Connecticut, California, Indiana, North Carolina, and Louisiana (1 each).


gerbilsniper 12 years ago

Then they'll be out on bond and you'll never hear from them again.

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

But a bench warrant will be issued if they don't show up, which means they'll be risking arrest if they come back for any future festivals. Are you saying that's a bad thing?

ben_ness 12 years ago

So, they were actually arresting people for MIPs.

bunnyhawk 12 years ago

I heard the cops were out there with new infrared spyglasses they got with homeland security dollars. I'm sure we'll all soooooooooo much safer with those dangerous houligans behind bars!

reginafliangie 12 years ago

But the MIP's were from the ABC's not DG or any other law enforcement. Thats a totally different matter. That is all they do.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 12 years ago

"they got with homeland security dollars"

I'm guessing that you cannot prove this rumor to be true. This is what's called "deflection". "We were breaking the law... BUT THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG, TOO!"

reginafliangie 12 years ago


I was just making the comment because others were under the impression that DG Sheriffs didn't arrest for MIP's and that is true, so it was the ABC guys doing it and they have a different justification for arresting somebody. That is what the ABC does.

Sigmund 12 years ago

I'm curious of the break down between felony and misdemeanor charges. Not all "drug offenses" are charged the same. Jersey_Girl is correct for the lesser offenses, however any warrants for felonies and they risk arrest and extradition to Kansas for trial if they so much get stopped for speeding.

reginafliangie 12 years ago


That count are the only ones that got caught! I'm sure there were many, many more. Also, I think they had to have a certain "amount" on them for an arrest.

Sigmund 12 years ago

I agree with Macon, had they really tried they could have gotten 100 times more arrests!

Amy Bartle 12 years ago

At least no one died this year. I am glad for the extra law enforcement. Now, I'd like to see them continue the enforcement on Mass St during the weekends.

alm77 12 years ago

Again, I'm going to say, if you weren't there how do you know there were "many, many, more"?

I was there. I saw no coke. Hardly any pot and no LSD. I've seen more pot at a single concert in Bonner Springs than I saw all Waka weekend.

Why the flip are you people so worried about it anyway? You weren't there and they weren't in your neighborhood.

Sigmund 12 years ago

alm77 very good point. I was stereotyping the Wak as a "target rich environment" for those looking for drug offenses. I apologise to all those who attended the Wak and were drug free. To the rest, not so much.

reginafliangie 12 years ago

alm 77

Just to clarify, I was there. I saw all those things you didn't. Dont kid yourself.

acg 12 years ago

You spelled filange wrong.

Phoebe would hang her head in shame.

sibkiss 12 years ago

What a bunch of hypocrites the Lawrence City law enforcement are... Why all the fuss about the party drugs / illegal minors drunk at a 4-day music festival - are you stumped for busts when college year is over?

In a city where every school year there are about 20,000 college kids higher than a kite on everything under the sun, some under age drinking, Lawrence is one big Jayhawkers - drug & f**k-fest! Night-vision goggles! What would happen if they employed those on KU campus and Mass Street? It'd be like seeing "girls gone wild"!

And what about using your night-goggles talents to enforce vagrancy laws on all the illegal aliens prowling the streets and camped out in Lawrence at night? Is anyone concerned that they might be bringing drugs and third world diseases into Lawrence?

Homeland Security funding for goggles used to spy on the American people? Who'd have guessed it?

Berserk 12 years ago

YOu MeAN... ThE smear some PAtChoulI in your nappy ars hair festival is over!?!?

This is wonderful news. 360 days of fresh air remaining.


But come on, you guys do kinda smell bad sometimes.

alm77 12 years ago

Sig, yes, I stayed drug free. Thanks for the clarification :)

Gina, I'm not "kidding myself", I'm just saying it wasn't massive drug induced mayhem. There were plenty of sober people and smart people didn't have anything to be afraid of. You really make me wonder how you happened onto so much illegal activity. I'm guessing you were in some authoritative possition.

my2cents 12 years ago

"Homeland Security funding for goggles used to spy on the American people? Who'd have guessed it?"

I do believe they were in a public park? I don't that counts as spying.

At least 18 felony arrest for drugs. I would call that a pretty good weekend for law enforcement.

Darth_Vader 12 years ago

pity2bu- Not everyone who went to the fest was a damn dirty hippy. I saw lots of "normal" looking people, who smelled fine. I know because I sniffed a lot of people.

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

my2cents - I still say my tax dollars were wasted if it only came down to 18 felony charges.

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

iblong - I think you mean conservatives.

MerryPresent 12 years ago

This is stupid. Just rip up the dockets. What good will it do anyone to have them come back on Friday? Did they hurt anyone?

monkeywrench1969 12 years ago

Bottom line: if the cops had done nothing like last year and they had a similar drug related death...They would be bagged on for not doing their job.

Since there was not fatalities this year and people decided to be more descreet (And maybe toned down their usage) as a result of the added number of cops it was money well spent. No one can relate a death to the festival

alm77 12 years ago

monkeywrench, once again, you have an excellent point.

monkeywrench1969 12 years ago

For those who atteneded the fest and used...how much is the life of a fellow users life worth in manpower and overtime if they OD and die

monkeywrench1969 12 years ago

PErsonally I would say the law enforcement people help more people to aid stations and in other ways than they arrested

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

monkeywrench1969 - there was an overdose; the question is, who found the person, his/her friends or the police? If it was the police, then grand. But otherwise, I still say it was a waste of tax-payers money, particularly the stops and searchs.

MJFarmermac 12 years ago

Pity2BU- Yeah, it would be a pity to be you. The only whining I'm hearing is coming from all of these angry Nazi types (this means you too ib-short, I mean ib-long) who just seem to want to lash out at a bunch of kids having a good time. It doesn't affect you, so who cares? The only people this matters to are the ones who are turning Lawrence into the big box, generic, beige nightmare that Olathe is. I like Lawrence being weird, and if I didn't, I'd move somewhere else. If you're such a staunch conservative, why not go where you'll be appreciated and everyone will look and act just like you?

KsGirl 12 years ago


From what I understand, the person who died last year was dead for a while before his friends around him even realized it.

reginafliangie 12 years ago


The Lawrence Police Dept was NOT at the Wak Fest. They did not have anything to do with the arrest. They only deal with city calls. So at least know who to gripe about when your gripping.


I know it wasn't a drug fest. I was just saying there were more drugs there than you implied. (Certainly more than the "innocent pot") There were a fair share of great people, obeying the law or at least they were good at hiding the fact that they were doing drugs.

Jersey girl

9 times out of 10 it was the officers finding the ODing subj and getting them help, who knows what would of happened had they not been found and helped.

alm77 12 years ago

Gina - And I was just saying there were less than you implied.

reginafliangie 12 years ago

ok I didn't realize I implied an "amount". Sorry

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

Yes, there was a fair amount of drug use at this festival, and quite a bit more alcohol consumption. But the fact that the vast majority of attendees were very civil and well-behaved, and peacefully confined their activities to campgrounds miles from town far from you uptight busybodies just goes to show that the hysterical drug/culture war this country wages is a pointless waste of time and money.

pity2bu 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

KsGirl - and this year's overdose was found. And actually, from what I recall in the article posted here, I'm not sure how much of an overdose it was. According to the story, "another person was transported being combative, suffering from an apparent drug overdose." That doesn't sound like a deadly overdose to me. For all we know, "overdose" could mean "took more than recommended dosage of illegal substance". And since it was an illegal substance, ANY dosage is more than recommended. Do you know that you can overdose on Tylenol and do permenant damage to your liver by taking as little as 10 tablets? Have you read the warning label on a Tylenol bottle? Because it is so toxic to the liver, it can cause permanent damage if taken within 24 hours of an alcoholic beverage. And I bet you give that to your kids! Nasty, nasty stuff.

Iblong - how conservative of you, having a screen name like I Belong. To what, the Moral Majority? From what I've seen of this country, it's the conservatives who go into panic mode over anything that is different or unusual to them and their ilk. 'Liberals are just human beings that are slow or unable to mature, they are in a constant state of upset as a way of coping with the world as it is." Conservatives are the ones afraid of change. That sounds like a maturity problem to me.

Nop Enotgoingto 12 years ago

I was there, it was a good time with great music, less violence in the two days I was there than the three hours I spent at rock fest.Also less of your teenage daughters flashing there breasts at the crowd at wakarusa than at rock fest.

Sure there were drugs, I watched a security guard snatch a glass jar of weed from a kid and then show it off to the other security guards and talk about smoking it, police near by made no attempt to arrest the boy or retrieve the weed.

I am assuming that the majority of the officers where there more as a safe guard for the people themselves than for rampant drug busts.

Banish from your silly head any idea's that drugs will ever go away, some of the worst ones are perscribed by your physican.

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

Thank you, namastem! People think if the FDA approved it, well, then, of course it's okay. If they didn't, better stay away. Are you even slightly aware of the number of drugs which have been recalled that were approved by the FDA?

dizzy_from_your_spin 12 years ago

I wonder how tolerant, open-minded and forgiving the lefties would be if the Southern Baptists or the NRA were taking the park over for a weekend and flaunting the laws.

Maybe Homeland Security was there, looking for terrorists. From the pics I saw, remove the garb, add a couple of tattoos and a terrorist would blend right in.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

"I wonder how tolerant, open-minded and forgiving the lefties would be if the Southern Baptists or the NRA were taking the park over for a weekend and flaunting the laws"

They tend to flout the constitution, but if they are as peaceful as the Wakarusa crowd was, why should anyone care?

Jersey_Girl 12 years ago

JLoh21 - That's the biggest compliment I've had in ages. Thank you!

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