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Four arrested in downtown beating


Police arrested four men early this morning for beating and robbing a 22-year-old Kansas City man in the 1000 block of Mass. Street. The man and his girlfriend were getting into a vehicle about 2:15 a.m. in the parking lot near 11th and Mass. when a group of men nearby made a comment to his girlfriend, according to a report. "He made a comment back to them, at which point they came toward him, surrounded him, struck him in the head with a beer bottle, and then proceeded to hit and kick him," LPD spokesman Sgt. Dan Ward said.The man also had $20 stolen from his wallet. Witnesses saw the group of men get into a vehicle, which was stopped by police a short distance away.Arrested were Francis Paul Dressler of Linwood and Eudora residents Michael J. Jeffcoat, Jared D. Randel, Brandon Lee Werst. All are age 20.They were being held without bond this morning in the Douglas County Jail for aggravated robbery, battery and disorderly conduct.Other news:¢ Someone broke a glass door at Pinckney Elementary, 810 W. Sixth St., around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, causing $500 damage.¢ Between 8 a.m. Tuesday and 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, someone stole 10 60-foot rolls of copper tubing belonging to the city from a garage at 700 W. Second St. The tubing was valued at more than $2,600.-Contributed by [Eric Weslander.][1] [1]: www2.ljworld.com/staff/eric_weslander


justsomewench 9 years ago

i think the valium would only delay the conversation that would have to be had, unfortunately. might as well forge through without a prescription.

i'm thinking "tazer".

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

okay, well, there's always valium, for yourself, or somebody could invent aerosol valium for parents to apply to children?

justsomewench 9 years ago

it's a good skillset to have, mosh. keep the focus.

i feel for ya. i have a often in trouble brother or so, but i'm afraid i make him wear the blame. we thought it was circumstantial, too. 30+ years later, we realize he's played a large part in it. i hope yours takes the higher road. mine isn't likely to survive his.

justsomewench 9 years ago

hell, gnome, i'm just using this as a warm-up. my kids are just entering their teens. i need to practice somewhere.

justsomewench 9 years ago

true enough, gnome. i tend to forget there's the span between 14 and, roughly, 22 where folks are absolutely brilliant, especially while travelling in packs.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

ah, wench, what he deems normal...well it tells us much about him.
yes, basic anglish seems to be alackin' 'round heer!

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

yes, we should lock them all up and force them to do productive labor then. of course, you and I weren't like that in teens-21... "what's the matter with kids today?" why can't these children be perfect like we were in every way!

x__BringtheMosh 9 years ago

Well wench... for one because he is the son of my mother and father.. therefore my brother. Now.. He's not the brightest boy on the planet, but he is a good kid. He just can't seem to get himself away from all the stupid people that get him in trouble and I'm sure most of the things he's done (aside from this incident, and he actually didn't do anything besides try to split up a fight) practically everyone who has commented has done themselves.. the difference is he gets caught and they don't. So yes, he isn't the smartest of humans and he hasn't quite learned all of his life lessons quite yet (neither have I granted) but he is a good kid. Also I believe I have average or perhaps even above average English skills and I have yet to even finish my Eudora High education.

audvisartist 9 years ago

We should ban all Eudora and Linwood residents.

Rick Aldrich 9 years ago

eudora has thugs yes. and lawrence wantabes, takes 4 to beat up on 1! yeah real tuff guys. wusssssy x 4. hopefully this victim makes a full recovery. and gets his $20.00 back.

b_asinbeer 9 years ago

Eudora...wow, didn't expect that one. Who knew Eudorans could fight?

It's too bad. At least the guy had major b@ll$ to stick up for his girlfriend. That's commendable.

jayhawkster 9 years ago

I wonder what the boyfriend said... hmmmm.

Four clean-cut young men: Wow, ma'am, your tailor did a fine job with the hem of your ankle-length skirt.

Soon to be beaten boyfriend: Shut your pie-holes.

Four clean-cut young men: Pardon me, sir, there's no need for such antagonistic natter.

Soon to be beaten boyfriend: I swear, one more word out of any of you and you will be sucking your gums for the next month.

Four clean-cut young men: Please, sir, allow me to apologize. We meant nothing unseemly by our compliment.

Boyfriend: That's it.

The blotters definitely need more detail.

Sigmund 9 years ago

100 points to Jayhawkster for making me laugh so hard I shot my Double Frapachino out of my nose.

trinity 9 years ago

add a hundred more for me sigmund, that was ggrrrreat! :)

jayhawkster, thanks for a laffin' lunch on a hot friday!

gphawk89 9 years ago

Aggravated robbery is a felony, right? Well, guys, way to severely mess up your future with one stupid decision! Was it worth the $5 that you each got? Idiots...

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

The sadest part of this is that these 4 young men have nothing better to do with their lives than hang out at all hours. I doubt they had all just gotten off work. Potential men, wasted.

cutny 9 years ago

Nice to see the city keeping an eye on their $2600 worth of copper tubing. No worries, we can make that back in a day once we jack up the sales tax.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

well you know someone made some money off that theft high doller recycle.

kujeeper 9 years ago

Their time would have been better off spent running the homeless out of downtown than beating a guy for 20 bucks...

Mike Blur 9 years ago

I ran the four perps' names thru Myspace. I got back only one page and it was really basic, but it says a lot.

Here's Michael Jeffcoat's myspace page: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=65051605 Hey, he likes girls, rap music, and partying! He also wants children someday!

Dave McClain 9 years ago

Hey Mike_blur. Did ya notice he has only 1 friend! But he wants any girl. Sounds like he has a great way of showing it.

Sigmund 9 years ago

Oh my! Now that is embarrassing! I'd hope his cell mates in the joint don't get a hold of that (assuming he is convicted beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of Law by a jury of his peers and he isn't the son of a DA, of course). It just makes me smile to know this violent underage party boy, and his droogs, face years in jail and a future of menial low paying jobs.

wlf2527 9 years ago

i'm a eudoran its funny to see someone name that u know. Sorry to say the boys deserve what they did. mr. randal somehow trouble follows u. didn't learn your lesson from the pool room.

n8n2010 9 years ago

I wonder if any of the four guys is just guilty by association (not having actually done any of the beating). I've been in situations where one of my drunk friends did something stupid, (like vanalizing personal property) and I found myself fleeing the scene hoping to god that no one saw us. It becomes a moral dilema. Do you rat out your friend of many years or do you degrade yourself and make a quick get away? I chose the later.

Kaw Pickinton 9 years ago

I bet they needed the money to buy some more skoal bandits.

John Spencer 9 years ago

Why are these four held when just a couple of days ago, a similar attack happened and the "men" were released? http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2006/jul...

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

"didn't learn your lesson from the pool room"

DO tell!

Glen Moore 9 years ago

Jared, It's too bad he can't seem to keep his self out of trouble. Luckly the girl's boyfriend didn't swell Jareds face up like it was last time after the pool room. And whats with the $20.00??? I just paid him last night so he couldn't have been broke. Too bad he'll be missed. Hopefully BUBBA will be easy with them boys, there so young and fresh.

eudorabackers 9 years ago

wow, can we talk enough trash on eudora anymore? everytime we turn around were getting bashed on, either about firefighting , or about 4 guys, last time i checked eudora's population was about 9 thousand ppl, so i was just wandering how 4 ppl make a town? or you bash on us about chew or something, is that really what were known for around here is chew, and not being able to fight, and also being lawrence wannabes( thats how you spell that, not WANTABES). it also hits a personal note, because i am friends with two of the four men, and i know for a fact that either probally had nothing to do with it, and they were guilty by association, and if you go back to the situation that happened at the pool room, actually wrong answer that would have been broken arrow park, but what you thinks right we'll go with that , but i believe mr randel, thats also how his last name is spelled, and that is marked quite clearly in the article , so get you eyes checked! but jared , was actually standing there not causing the fight that would have been his friends starting the fight , and causing jared to be jumped in the whole situation, so if you really think that you might know something about this kid, or man , or boy whatever you may call him , send me a msg or something on here then we can talk. but i go to the other boys, and yes i said boys, i have known them both, francis and brandon, they have always been trouble makers , getting fights started that they didnt belong in, or starting a fight over maybe a slutty girl or something, or another great one starting a family fight , that they werent any relation to, yeah they are real cool! Ive actually been called out of a bar by one these punks that i have mentioned because they wanted to fight me, but took off running when i came out with two of my friends, so i hope this guy must have been really small they jumped , because he doesnt fight his own battles! well ive ran my mouth enough, dont bash on eudora because of 4 ppl, because i know for a fact 4 ppl dont make a town!

whatupdown 9 years ago

I think they told the Police they needed the money for Viagra.

ModerateOne 9 years ago

n8n2010 said:

"I've been in situations where one of my drunk friends did something stupid, (like vanalizing personal property) and I found myself fleeing the scene hoping to god that no one saw us. It becomes a moral dilema. Do you rat out your friend of many years or do you degrade yourself and make a quick get away?"

Uh, morality has nothing to do with it. Try choosing friends that don't act like idiots.

eudorabackers 9 years ago

is that really what they would have said , i think you might be thinking you need viagara, or you wouldnt say it

eudorabackers 9 years ago

actually , who are u to comment on who i choose my friends with, yeah they maybe had gotten in trouble before, but are we that perfect where we have gotten in trouble for little things? seriously people are we this dumb, you judge a book by a cover, maybe you need to learn to value things by whats inside. damn no wander why this whole world is messed up!

eudorabackers 9 years ago

and also the full comment was:

I wonder if any of the four guys is just guilty by association (not having actually done any of the beating). I've been in situations where one of my drunk friends did something stupid, (like vanalizing personal property) and I found myself fleeing the scene hoping to god that no one saw us. It becomes a moral dilema. Do you rat out your friend of many years or do you degrade yourself and make a quick get away? I chose the later

it was just vandalizing and everything , damn i think you might be little illiterate! damn

eudorabackers 9 years ago

anybody else feel like firing more things at me , because itll just be shot down again!

justsomewench 9 years ago


Am I the only person that's noticing a horrific lack of basic English and grammar proficiencies in today's youth?

Kelly Powell 9 years ago

i do not mind a little fighting after the bars close....But smacking somebody with a bottle if they were unarmed is pretty chickensh!t. I went to highschool in linwood and we usually kept ourselves fight free when we came to lawrence....We had enough trouble getting into fights with the tongies.

Chauch 9 years ago

Well put, Mr. Carville. When did you move to Eudora?

Confrontation 9 years ago

justsomewench: I agree! Do you notice how the representative posters for these other towns are just like those people the media always interview after a crime? You know the ones! They can barely speak english and they are missing several teeth.

justsomewench 9 years ago

Aye, Confrontation. I doubt the local municipalities are sporting any debate team champs. They might as well deem a beer bottle punctuation to a well-constructed argument. It's just about as eloquent as what comes out in type.

So much for evolution.

dizzy_from_your_spin 9 years ago

Thugs like this had better be aware that concealed carry might be changing the outcomes of these type incidents in the very near future...and it won't be in their favor.

x__BringtheMosh 9 years ago

Okay.. first of all I'd like to say this artical is completely bogus. I know what happened because I was there (this is my sisters name, not mine) So I'd like to first point out.. the boyfriend didn't get hit in the head with a beer bottle, he threw a beer bottle at one of the guys that ran away from the "scene". Secondly.. there was no money stolen from the wallet, it was thrown over by the vehical but nothing was taken, thats why the robbery charges were dropped. Only 1 of the 4 people mentioned in this artical and one other that isn't, threw punches. The others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time hanging out with the wrong people. And 3 of the people mentioned were out on bail this morning. I do hope the guy that got his beat up has a full recovery. Just so you know, don't believe everything you read.. most of the stuff mentioned in here didn't even happen. There was no beer bottle bashing and there was no money being taken from his wallet.

x__BringtheMosh 9 years ago

that got beat up** ((sorry I'm from Eudora, so I can't use basic English.))

Michael Birch 9 years ago

Let'em sleep it off in the Douglas Co. Jail!

x__BringtheMosh 9 years ago

By the way nothing happened to Jared at the Pool Room. He once again with the wrong people at the wrong time got attacked at Broken Arrow Park by some of Lawrence's lovely "yo yo I'm a gangsta...even though I live in Lawrence, KS..yoyo..yo. I'll poppa cap" boys. He should be happy he didn't get shot. Either way.. once again, wrong place, wrong time, wrong people.. he really needs to find some better friends.

justsomewench 9 years ago

anyone see a pattern emerging? mosh, why bother trying to protect a reputation that is, by all appearances, going nowhere in life? it is possible and, actually, normal to go through life without spending a night in jail. if you consider these circumstances normal, then i suggest that you are in the "wrong place, wrong people". do yourself a favor and go out and learn that most folks aim higher in life.

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