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Hand, Foot and Shut your Mouth

Megan Spreer

My kids got it. That weird disease I was sure a lady made up when she told me about it just six short years ago ransacked my house this weekend. Sores, whining, fever and extreme contagion made me a ball of stress, immediately. My husband broke his leg last month. ...

Parents: Stop Throwing Parties for Everything

Megan Spreer

I’m a member of what they call the “Entitled Generation.” We got participation trophies, played games where no one kept score, and were showered with praise for the smallest of milestones. Even as a kid, I thought it was a bit much. Why couldn’t there be a winner at my ...

5 Things a New Mom REALLY Wants

Megan Spreer

Going to visit a new mom soon? Put down that gift bag filled with onesies and receiving blankets. For real. The new mom you’re visiting already has 50 of each. She’s probably already had at least one baby shower to get her ready for the tiny new person who’s moved ...

I Understand How Parents Leave Babies in Hot Cars

Megan Spreer

Last week, a father was distracted. It happens to every parent. We get consumed with one of the fifty things going on in our heads and we accidentally put everything else on the back burner. Unfortunately, this time, it cost him his child. For whatever reason, he accidentally [left his ...

Sorry Experts, We Watch TV and Play on Tablets

Megan Spreer

Stop it, “experts.” If I see one more study or article that discusses the “dangers” and “risks” of allowing children to watch television or play on tablets, I’m going to lose it. Should we allow our kids to only sit in front of an electronic screen all day? No. Is ...

5 Things Moms Need to Stop Saying to Other Moms

Megan Spreer

Fellow moms can be some of your greatest allies when you’re raising your kids. As I mentioned [last week][1], they can be invaluable when S hits the fan. However, there are times when other moms just plain suck. Yeah, I know. I’m totally backtracking here. I’m not talking about a ...

My Village in a Strawberry Patch

Megan Spreer

We went strawberry picking this week. Cute, right? Yes. Yes, it was. I also got a little ahead of myself. Because Kansas had such a harsh winter, strawberry picking at [Wohletz Farm Fresh][1] (the local farm it seems EVERYONE goes to) has been drastically scaled down. They’ve only been opening ...

Finding My 'Me' Thing

Megan Spreer

It’s funny. They tell you that you’ll change when you have a kid. I was always like, “Duh. Of course you’ll change. You’re a parent. How could you not?” But really, I had no idea just how much changes. As in, parts of you become unrecognizable (and I’m not even ...

5 Things They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

Megan Spreer

When it comes to pregnancy, people lie. That is, until you’re pregnant yourself. Then the truth magically comes out of people. My cousin, who is 15 weeks pregnant, messaged me this week to say that her morning sickness not only hasn’t gone away like people said it would, but it ...

Don't Be Like Mommy, Love Your Body

Megan Spreer

I can still vividly recall a conversation with my husband last June. I was sitting with him at a restaurant, barely able to breathe through my Spanx, still carrying 20+ pounds of baby weight and feeling frumpy and gross. He scolded me for my insecurity. “You’re beautiful.” he told me. ...

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