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Boys And Their Better Halloween Costumes


I’m in the Halloween sweet spot. Pun intended. These are the very limited years when my kids are at an adorable age in which people want to shower them with candy and yet they are too small to ingest certain kinds (which means it’s MINE). It’s also the age when they are too young to form educated opinions on what they want to dress as before they go around asking for said candy.

Winner, winner.

I get to dress them as dorky as I want AND eat their candy.

The downside? I have girls. You know what costumes are out there for non-creative people with girls? Princesses and witches. So lame.

Of course I could dress them in boy costumes, and I’d have no problem with that except that HJ is a girly girl and B still looks pretty gender neutral and it bothers me when people call my girl a boy. We dressed HJ as a cow last year and stuck a bow on her horn. It fell off as soon as we walked out the door.

HJ, Halloween 2012

HJ, Halloween 2012 by Megan Spreer

She also went around saying "Neigh!" instead of "Moo." Fail.

So we’re stuck with the super cliche costumes.

If I had a boy I’d so go for one of these:

  1. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

  2. Dwight from The Office

  3. Marty McFly from Back to the Future

I’ve been scouring the web for costume ideas for two years now and have collected them on my Pinterest page (shocking, I know). What creative costumes have you seen out there? Help me out for next year.


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