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Reasons I love having babies during the holidays


Despite what I said about carting around small people during the holidays in my previous post, I do recognize just how good we have it in many ways. These first few Christmases with our still new-ish family are ones that I’m sure I’ll miss and fondly look back on when I’m wearing another set of Spanx and my kids won’t get their noses out of electronic devices.

So I decided to compile a list to remind myself why these years are so awesome:

1. Toys are still cheap. One year all of HJ’s gifts were bought at consignment sales and Craigslist. I wrapped them in diaper boxes. She thought it was awesome. I also thought it was awesome.

2. The elf dazzles as an underachiever. Eloise the elf simply moves location. No hijinks. No messes. No elaborate schemes. Yet, every morning my two-year-old is so excited to find her new location. WIN.

3. Our traditions can evolve without protest. We’re still figuring out what holiday traditions our family would like to do. The beauty is that if we try something that we don’t like, the girls won’t remember it next year. Heck, they won’t even remember it next week.

4. Christmas wish lists are ridiculously easy. People keep asking me for the girls’ lists and I try to come up with something to make it easier on the shopper. But really, B’s list would be: something shiny, a power cord, a box, a stick, a remote controller, and yogurt melts. All of these things make her immensely gleeful.

5. EVERYTHING is magical. Lights, Christmas carols, decorated trees, snowmen, candy canes, Santa and the rest of the seasonal happenings are just amazing to these two. We can drive around for hours looking at Christmas light displays. HJ jumped up and down with joy when she saw the Christmas tree at Dillons yesterday. It’s all so very exciting to them. I am totally drinking in every minute.

The downside to all of this? It’s going to be a very long and uneventful January and February.

What are your favorite things about the holidays with your family this year?


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