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5 Things I Want to Tell New Parents

Megan Spreer

There are so many things that I wish someone had told me when I first became a mom, and I’m not talking about which diapers to use or which baby carrier is the best. I read enough reviews to figure that stuff out. The things I needed to know were ...

Mama needs to put down the phone

Megan Spreer

My husband and I have been discussing our (particularly MY) phone use lately. The conversation has been mostly focusing on the amount of time I spend behind my phone screen, not necessarily how I’m using it. Let’s just say these conversations get quite tense at times. That’s sugarcoating it, by ...

Teach them about sex, the right kind

Megan Spreer

This is a hard time to raise girls. It’s not because of all of the reasons I’d thought would make it difficult either. The newest dolls, dresses, Barbies, dance classes and the like aren’t the things that scare me as they grow older. Worries about missed curfews and too many ...

Saying Goodbye to My Baby

Megan Spreer

One of the things I struggle with as a parent is saying goodbye to each stage and welcoming new stages without sadness. No matter how proud and excited I am for my girls to reach a new milestone, there is always a tinge of sadness that another part of their ...

Parenting: You're doing it wrong

Megan Spreer

If you’re a parent of small children, just how many foam, plastic or rubber contraptions do you have around your home? You know, the ones that serve no other purpose but to protect your children from harm? I have thirty-three. Thirty-three apparatuses that keep my children out of cabinets, keep ...

Organic, Schmorganic

Megan Spreer

Corn syrup. Red dye 40. Pesticides. These are just a few of the things that I’m not supposed to be feeding my kids. Add to that shredded cheese, non-organic milk and Froot Loops. If you’re paying attention to what the nutrition experts are saying, you probably have plenty more to ...

Hand, Foot and Shut your Mouth

Megan Spreer

My kids got it. That weird disease I was sure a lady made up when she told me about it just six short years ago ransacked my house this weekend. Sores, whining, fever and extreme contagion made me a ball of stress, immediately. My husband broke his leg last month. ...

Parents: Stop Throwing Parties for Everything

Megan Spreer

I’m a member of what they call the “Entitled Generation.” We got participation trophies, played games where no one kept score, and were showered with praise for the smallest of milestones. Even as a kid, I thought it was a bit much. Why couldn’t there be a winner at my ...

5 Things a New Mom REALLY Wants

Megan Spreer

Going to visit a new mom soon? Put down that gift bag filled with onesies and receiving blankets. For real. The new mom you’re visiting already has 50 of each. She’s probably already had at least one baby shower to get her ready for the tiny new person who’s moved ...

I Understand How Parents Leave Babies in Hot Cars

Megan Spreer

Last week, a father was distracted. It happens to every parent. We get consumed with one of the fifty things going on in our heads and we accidentally put everything else on the back burner. Unfortunately, this time, it cost him his child. For whatever reason, he accidentally [left his ...

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