Kansas not attempting many free throws this season

Kansas freshman guard Marcus Garrett makes a free throw to break 100 points in an exhibition game against Pittsburg State on Tuesday at Allen Fieldhouse.

If Kansas basketball games seem to fly by faster this season there is a good reason for that. The games seldom are slowed down by whistles that put Jayhawks at the free-throw line.

Kansas always plays fast and you can’t foul what you can’t catch, but even by KU’s standards, free-throw attempts are way down. KU is shooting more 3-pointers, don’t have a low-post threat through whom the offense runs and the guards tend to drive to dish more than to score.

Those are all factors in Kansas ranking 350th in Div. I in percentage of free throws attempted compared to field goals attempted, one of many statistics tracked at kenpom.com, with a ratio of 19.6 percent.

The next-lowest percentage and rank (36.4/178th) came during the national-championship season of 2007-08. The highest ratio (48.3/32nd) happened in 2013-14, when Andrew Wiggins took off for the hoop and drew foul calls as the ball spilled out of bounds.

Lagerald Vick leads this year’s team in free-throw attempts with 20 in nine games, an average of 2.2 per game, the lowest for a team leader during the Bill Self era.

Season *FTA/FGA pct.
National rank
KU leader FTA/
2017-18 19.6/350 Lagerald Vick 20/2.2
2016-17 36.0/160 Frank Mason 238/6.6
2015-16 38.6/114 Frank Mason 184/4.8
2014-15 42.6/42 Perry Ellis 163/4.8
2013-14 48.3/32 Andrew Wiggins 227/6.7
2012-13 39.5/80 Jeff Withey 192/5.2
2011-12 39.8/77 Thomas Robinson 239/6.1
2010-11 39.3/124 Marucs Morris 215/5.7
2009-10 41.3/86 Cole Aldrich 159/4.4
2008-09 39.5/85 Sherron Collins 166/4.2
2007-08 36.4/178 Mario Chalmers 130/3.3
2006-07 36.2/172 Julian Wright 119/3.1
2005-06 35.3/193 Russell Robinson 124/3.8
2004-05 38.5/111 Wayne Simien 174/6.7
2003-04 39.4/101 Wayne Simien 206/6.4
*Source: Kenpom.com