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Hartwig's grizzly contest


Each week, KUSports.com will get you caught up on Jayhawks both former and current getting some ink from outside of the area.[Panthers.com: Battle of the Beards][1]The Battle of the Beards, wherein offensive linemen Justin Hartwig and Ryan Kalil have challenged each other to a facial hair grow-off to be decided by you, the fans, is now past its first month.Just to be clear, here are the rules, as stated by participant Kalil:"The rules are, there is no shaping or trimming of the beard allowed. You may clean underneath the beard and on top, and you are allowed to trim moustache whiskers so that you are not eating your moustache throughout the season. I say the season because this is going to be a long, hard fought battle between myself and Justin Hartwig."Who is winning the Battle of the Beards? We have provided pictures for you so that you can vote and decide. As for the players, they are starting to formulate their own opinions on the matter."I want to let it be known that Ryan Kalil is a 10-to-1 underdog in the beard growing competition," said fellow offensive lineman Evan Mathis. "Justin Hartwig is a true professional in the field of hair growth. He's very experienced. He is the most committed person I have ever seen in these types of competitions."Ryan may have been around the beard-growing block a few times, but he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Hartwig knows how to grow hair. He's a man of multiple looks, and he has pulled every single one of them off."Local Take: Professional athletes have far too much time on their hands. Though in all seriousness, or at least as much as possible here, this is the kind of stuff that goes on in pro locker rooms that normal joes like you and I will just never comprehend. But it's good for a chuckle.[Heat.com: Insider interview with Wayne Simien][2]HI: How's your health?WS: "I feel good. I've been here in Miami for most of the off-season, committed to getting my knee strong and the rest of my body in shape. I feel great. There are no more signs of the salmonella. I'm looking forward to a great season. I'm excited."HI: How much weight did you lose and have you gained that weight back?WS: "At worst, I lost about 30 pounds. I think I got down to 222 pounds. Now I'm back up between 248 and 252. I've really been working hard and putting on the right kind of weight with strength training and things like that. I've gotten my appetite back, so I feel great."HI: How is married life?WS: "It's great. My wife, Katie, and I just had our one-year anniversary in July and now we're expecting our first child on October 7 a little girl. Along with getting ready for the season, I'm getting ready for fatherhood. I'm putting together cribs, getting strollers and getting the house ready for our new addition."HI: This summer, you also attended the NBA Players Association 2 nd annual Business Opportunity Program. Tell me about that experience.WS: "I went to Stanford University for a week and a half and we had summer intensive courses where we were basically in the classroom from eight in the morning to 10 o'clock at night. Being a professional athlete, you are approached with so many business and investment opportunities. I decided to attend the program so that I would have the basic knowledge to access the types of business opportunities that someone brings me. I had a great time. The knowledge and information that I gained out there was invaluable. I'm looking forward to going back to school and working on my Master's degree."_Local Take: Just more proof that there needs to be more pro athletes like Wayne Simien.[San Jose Mercury News: 49ers add Young to stable of captains][3]_The first act of the 49ers' newly formed captains committee was to open the door to one more member: Bryant Young.Coach Mike Nolan made a point Tuesday of announcing the addition of Young, 35, during a news conference otherwise devoted to reviewing the 49ers' season-opening 20-17 victory over Arizona.A popular and widely respected player who's also the longest-serving 49er on the roster, Young was nevertheless left off the committee, which was formed a week ago in a vote by players from each of eight position groups.His fellow defensive linemen elected defensive end Marques Douglas. Others elected for the season-long appointments were Derek Smith (linebackers), Nate Clements (defensive backs), Eric Heitmann (offensive line), Moran Norris (running backs), Trent Dilfer (quarterbacks), Arnaz Battle (tight ends-wide receivers) and Joe Nedney (special teams). Left tackle Jonas Jennings and cornerback Walt Harris also were named to the committee as players union representatives.Local Take: Still won't make me buy the hype on the 49ers this year. But it's good to see that Moran is a solid locker room guy. That means he'll get as long a career as he possibly can in the NFL. [1]: http://www.panthers.com/Common/Article.aspx?id=24096 [2]: http://www.nba.com/heat/news/insider0708_simien_070910.html [3]: http://www.mercurynews.com/49ers/ci_6869388


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