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Metcalf returns with a grand entrance


Each week, KUSports.com will get you caught up on Jayhawks both former and current getting some ink from outside of the area.[Dallas Morning News: Record rout - Rangers win, 30-3][1]The end of the night showed these tallies for the Rangers: 40 hits and 13 walks in 92 official at-bats. Ian Kinsler came to the plate 13 times in the doubleheader. Rookie David Murphy had six hits. Rookie [Travis Metcalf][2] had eight RBIs.The previous post-1900 record for runs in a game was 29 shared by the Boston Red Sox (1950) and the Chicago White Sox (1955). The Chicago Colts, who later became the Cubs, scored 36 runs in 1897.The Rangers' previous high had been 26 runs, also against Baltimore on April 19, 1996. That 26-7 win stood as the club's biggest margin of victory until Wednesday.The Rangers, who had struck out 30 times over the previous two games in getting trounced by Cy Young contenders Johan Santana of Minnesota and Erik Bedard of Baltimore, got two homers and seven RBIs each from Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ramon Vazquez. Saltalamacchia set a Rangers record for RBIs in a game by a rookie.Oh, and Travis Metcalf and Marlon Byrd each hit grand slams. Metcalf ended up with four RBIs in the second game, too, tying a club record for most RBIs in a doubleheader.Local Take: After getting [recalled from Triple-A Oklahoma][3] earlier in the day, Travis Metcalf might have even surprised himself with his final box score lines from Wednesday's double-header sweep of Baltimore. The Jayhawks' career longball leader, who had just one home run and six RBI in his first 35 games with the Rangers before getting sent down, had a game one grand slam Thursday in the record-setting 30-3 blowout, then had four more RBI in game two. His eight RBI in the double-dip tied a team record, putting him in the record books next to Toby Harrah and Bobby Bonds. Hopefully it's a sign of more to come in September for Metcalf, who should be with the big club for awhile, as Hank Blalock's comeback has been slowed down and Michael Young is suffering from some back woes.[The New York Times: A Jets lineman learns a lesson the hard way][4][Adrian Jones][5] was complimented on his driving the other day, his aggressiveness during a blocking drill earning praise from the Jets' offensive line coach, Tony Wise.A former starter turned reserve, Jones finds himself happily operating in the shadows, perfectly content to be neither the most famous Mr. Jones on the team (that would be running back Thomas Jones) nor the Jets' most notorious offensive lineman (that would be the disgruntled tackle Pete Kendall).It was a different story last season when Jones, a 6-foot-5 tackle, caused one of the few waves to rock Coach Eric Mangini's tight ship in his first season with the Jets.Two days after Thanksgiving, a couple of hours before dawn on the Saturday before the Jets' home game against the Houston Texans, Jones was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated._..._It was an uneasy off-season for Jones, who worried that he would be released by the Jets because of his arrest. Mangini, after all, has instituted a code of conduct so strict that players are fined for speaking out of turn to reporters."I didn't know exactly where my future was going to go, as far as with the Jets, with football, whatever," Jones said.Mangini stuck with Jones because he said he believed as strongly in redemption as he did in rules. "Obviously, personal conduct is very important to us," Mangini said, adding: "People make mistakes. How you handle those mistakes, how you learn from those mistakes, is also important. I think he's done a really good job handling that situation and moving forward."Jones's fiancee at the time, Natasha, was out of town when he was arrested. The phone call he placed to break the news to her, he said, was harder than the one he had to make to the Jets."She was definitely disappointed," Jones said. "But she thought we could definitely get over it together."They were married, as planned, on July 7. Jones said he still goes out, but his habits have changed."Usually whenever I go to a club, I might get a Sprite or a club soda," he said. "I really don't have an urge to drink anymore. That's why I consider what happened a blessing in disguise. Because you never know what the next drink might do to you."_Local Take: It sounds like there's multiple ways Jones, the former KU tight end/offensive lineman, is learning the lesson, between not being able to drive and losing his starting spot. It's good to see he is handling it the right way, because with his size and ability, there's no reason he shouldn't still have a long NFL career.[Chicago Sun-Times: Injury gets in way of Rideau's bid for sixth WR spot][6]_The battle for an expected sixth wide receiver spot on the Bears' roster took a twist when [Brandon Rideau][7] went down with a sprained right ankle Monday night.Rideau, who left the RCA Dome wearing a walking boot, had created some momentum before he was injured -- and after dropping a second-quarter pass -- with two catches for 44 yards, including a 34-yarder that set up a third-quarter touchdown. Mike Hass, meanwhile, capitalized on his chances with two receptions for gains of 25 and 23 yards.Both were in on special teams. Rideau, who was running with the first team on punt coverage and punt returns, tripped up Devin Hester as he tried to beat Colts punter Hunter Smith for a touchdown.''I was just telling him if we get in that situation again, and it's just me and the punter, just run off to the sidelines,'' Hester said.Hass also got involved, recovering a fumble by T.J. Rushing that Ricky Manning Jr. had forced on kickoff coverage.''I didn't really think I necessarily needed to come out here and catch balls,'' said Hass, the 2005 Biletnikoff Award winner at Oregon State and a seventh-round pick by the Saints last season. ''Last game I just didn't get balls thrown my way, and I got two thrown my way this time. All I can do is catch the ball when it's thrown to me.''It stands to reason the Bears will keep six receivers. They did last season, and Mark Bradley has missed a week with a left knee injury, creating a depth issue. Hass and Rideau spent last season on the practice squad.''How disappointing is it? Very,'' Rideau said of his situation. ''To come out here and have a good game one week and to come out here the next week and have a game that you don't feel is as good is tough.''Local Take: This is really too bad if it derails Rideau from a roster spot. He'd put up good numbers in each of the Bears' first two preseason games, and from the sound of it was finding his niche on special teams, which is what most No. 6 wide receivers need to do. You never know what will happen, as opening day is still more than two weeks away, but this certainly doesn't help Rideau's chances of avoiding a second straight year on the Bears practice squad.[Associated Press: Sonics Durant, Collison are cut from U.S. roster][8]Sonics rookie forward Kevin Durant will have to wait to wear the red, white and blue in international play.Durant, 18, and Sonics teammate [Nick Collison][9] were the two players cut Monday night as the United States got down to the 12-player limit for the FIBA Americas tournament, an Olympic-qualifying event that begins Wednesday._..._Collison, 26, has played on eight USA Basketball teams, including one in the 2003 Olympic qualifier. He missed minicamp after getting married, but played well after joining the team for practices."Nick wasn't involved from the very beginning, so to be this close to making it after being here for about a week shows what a tremendous job he did," Krzyzewski said. "This was an extremely difficult decision because for both kids, you can make a case for either one."__The U.S. players are Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Dwight Howard, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups, Michael Redd, Mike Miller, Tyson Chandler, Tayshaun Prince and Deron Williams. All are NBA veterans.Local Take: Not a bad thing for Collison. Now he doesn't have to worry about excess summer wear-and-tear before the NBA season, which has shown in the past to slow down international competitors in the following NBA campaign. Besides, he still got a [cool story][10] out of it that no one else can claim. 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