Inauguration Central: On the ground

Sights, sounds and what was seen at 'ObamaStock' Sunday

Chris Wristen

WASHINGTON — The very idea that the National Mall could be packed any tighter seems unfathomable.It was shoulder-to-shoulder from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument as more than 500,000 people jammed to Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, John Legend, U2, Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, Usher, Beyonce and others and listened ...

Bearing witness to history

Chris Wristen

In some ways, this journey began a few months ago.Fresh off our first night of sleep in real beds after trekking in the backcountry of Denali National Park, my friends Justin and Genee flipped on the TV in our hotel room just outside of Anchorage, Alaska.It was Friday, Aug. 29.As ...

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