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Bye-Bye Bounty, week 8: Oooh, we're getting to summer's best offerings!


Man, it's hot out. And you know what that means in terms of CSA pickups? THE GOOD SUMMER STUFF is coming. You know what I mean: tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, melon, basil. All those items that are expensive on their own, but totally affordable in a CSA format. YUM.

But, while we're waiting, there's some majorly good stuff going on all ready. What we got last week from Rolling Prairie is a perfect example: Asian cabbage, Swiss chard, carrots, potatoes, black raspberries and summer squash.

All I can say is YUM.

And, as you can see, the boy liked the results too. He totally stole the juice I made out of apples, CSA Swiss chard and these beautiful CSA carrots:

But that was fine, because we had plenty more. One night we made a strange and mixed-up dinner that was totally amazing, featuring a version of the Asian salad I mentioned a few weeks back. This one was basically the same thing, except instead of peppers and sesame seeds, we threw in two small avocados (chopped) and about two-thirds cup of kimchi. So good.

Then, on the side of that dinner, we made roasted potatoes, using the cute little new potatoes we got in our bag. The hubby and his adorable little helper put a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder over them and roasted them in the oven at 450 until they were brown and crunchy. They didn't have the same flavor profile as the salad, but we ate them together just fine. Terrific.

The black raspberries were eaten out of hand for breakfast, while the summer squash made it into fajitas. We used the homemade fajita mix I mentioned last summer, doubling the recipe to include all of the summer squash (sliced but not peeled) plus a few peppers and two sweet yellow onions we got at the Lawrence Farmer's Market. We topped them with avocado and salsa and they were divine. The picture doesn't do them justice.

What'd we get this week? Potatoes, collards(?), eggs, broccoli, basil and summer squash.


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