Spanish omelets and biceps — you’re welcome

Hey, remember the other day when I shared this video and mentioned that Kilian Jornet was my second-favorite Spanish athlete? Well, I think I also said that Rafael Nadal was very favorite Spanish athlete (and probably favorite current athlete in general).

Well, Rafa’s ears must have been burning because yesterday I got this in the mail:

It’s a brochure for the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. I went twice when I was working on the sports desk at The Palm Beach Post. It’s a fabulous event with really great food (Crepes! Sushi! Focaccia sandwiches!), but besides the good eats, it’s a bunch of fun. The world’s best players all attend (the reason it’s referred to as the “fifth major”) and if you sit in the cheap seats of the main stadium, you can look out on the crisp blue waters of Biscayne Bay while watching world-class tennis and eating said crepes (with Nutella, natch).

I know this isn’t a sports blog, more of a space dedicated to food and the arts, but I hope you’ll agree there’s a lot of artistry and food related to sports. There is most definitely a creative streak in nearly any top athlete and what they do is art, no matter the sport. And the food — who doesn’t love to eat while watching a good game, match or tournament? Some of the most impressive spreads of the year come during the Super Bowl or March Madness. Plus, athletes and food often make an appearance in many an artwork (Have you seen some of our great photos on It’s ART, I tell you.). You see — really, it’s all interconnected.

The Sony Ericsson Open doesn’t start until March 19, but my Rafa-bedecked brochure is a good reminder that The Australian Open is right around the corner, beginning Monday, Jan. 16. Despite the funky timezone conversion, it’s easy to check it out — just watch a match or two with your breakfast (Spanish omelet, perhaps?). You’ll be happy you did.

P.S.: What’s my deal with Spanish athletes? Well, I studied abroad in Spain in college and have a soft spot for pretty much any Spaniard. So, yeah.