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Bye-Bye Bounty, week 17: Mushrooms, tomatillo sauce and total yumminess


Our mushrooms with tomatillo sauce. MMMM.

Our mushrooms with tomatillo sauce. MMMM. by Sarah Henning

Happy Tuesday, folks! It’s been totally beautiful out, has it not?

I mean, clear and crisp in the mornings and just barely above 80 in mid-afternoon? Gorgeous! This was pretty much the weather I was hoping for back in June.

And my vegetable garden is responding accordingly. The tomatoes are ripening, the basil is looking fuller, my sage doesn’t look (as) burnt to a crisp.

Thank goodness for this weather!

OK, on to the food that's actually ready to eat. Last week in our Rolling Prairie CSA, we got more melon, peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, grapes, pears and a cucumber. YUM.

To try to break the fajita rut, we made this recipe using a couple of our CSA peppers in place of the green pepper and tomatillos from the Lawrence Farmers’ Market.

Our farmers' market tomatillos.

Our farmers' market tomatillos. by Sarah Henning

They were totally fabulous! And we totally recommend them and will definitely make them again.

Though, I have some notes for those of you who plan on trying them:

  • We added a whole jalapeño to the sauce for some spice. Next time we’d only do half or none at all. Just a bit too spicy, but very tasty.

The finished mushrooms. They were so good, I could've just had those for dinner. Forget the other stuff!

The finished mushrooms. They were so good, I could've just had those for dinner. Forget the other stuff! by Sarah Henning

  • We baked the portobellos in their marinade instead of grilling them. We put them in a 450-degree oven for about 15 minutes. If you do this, I’d recommend draining them on paper towels before serving — ours were very juicy, which made them very good but totally dissolved our tortillas.

  • A note about tortillas. We used flour tortillas and sprouted-grain tortillas instead of corn because that was what we had. Corn may have held up better to the portobellos.

Also, we served them with sliced CSA tomatoes and avocado. There were no leftovers, we totally scarfed them down!

The rest of our CSA haul was eaten in salad and out of hand. Yum!

What’d we get this week? Pears, two baby melons, spicy peppers, sweet peppers, mushrooms, grapes and basil.


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