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Bye-Bye Bounty: CSA week 6 - The case of the stawberry thief!


Strawberry season is officially here. Yes, yes, it is, as you can see by the look of determination on my kiddo’s face to eat EVERY LAST STRAWBERRY in the house.

Yes, the second we busted open our Rolling Prairie strawberries last week, the little one decided to eat the whole entire carton in one sitting.


Then, he asked for more.

So, I can’t exactly tell you how the Rolling Prairie strawberries tasted last week, but I can tell you that they’re popular.

I can also say with certainty is that the mushrooms, chard, lettuce and salad mix that we got last week were excellent. I made salads like the ones from last week — greens and various veggies and fruits in sweet and salty combinations.

And, because I had so much chard, I did a lot of lunch and dinner roll-ups. I was out of tahini, so I didn’t make my own hummus like the last time I made roll-ups. Instead, I made use of the yummy (but expensive!) avocados that have been in the stores lately, and did guacamole roll-ups.

For easy guac, all you have to do is take two avocados, a squirt of lime juice and a half a jar of pre-made salsa, mash it all up with a potato masher in a bowl and call it guac. Super easy.

To make the wraps, just spoon guac into de-stemmed chard leaves and roll up. Ta-da! In an effort to try something new, I shot video of the roll-ups here:

So, in this week’s Rolling Prairie bag, we got strawberries, green onions, salad mix, snap peas, kale and eggs.

I can tell you right now I still don’t know how good those strawberries are. The kiddo had them in his grubby little hands the second I got home.


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