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Bye-Bye Bounty: CSA week 2 - Salad and something different


So, I got more than one comment about my spinach-berry-banana smoothie. Yeah, it looks a bit weird and swamp-thing-like, but if you try it, you’ll like it. And if you do, maybe you can move onto something like this fella, which my son drank last week:

(If you’re wondering, it’s spinach, banana and water blended together). That was just one of the ways we got through the mound of greens we received at our second CSA pickup of the year. At that pick up we got not only spinach, but salad greens and lettuce plus other not-so-leafy things like garlic chives, eggs and onions.

If you’re not one for drinking your greens, I guess I have all summer to work on you. Until then, here are a few of the ways we cooked our way through all that greenery this week: salads and breakfast for dinner.

The salad is probably the most obvious use of greens. I made several last week, both with CSA ingredients and without. Here’s one we made Wednesday — that’s mixed CSA greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, avocado and kalamata olives:

Sorry it’s a blurry shot, I was apparently too hungry to focus on the camera properly.

We also did the aforementioned breakfast for dinner night. The hubby used our CSA eggs, spinach, onion and garlic chives and made himself a big scramble that he ate along with leftover mushroom paté from last week (apparently, he hadn’t finished it after all) and pita chips.

Meanwhile, I had a kale salad that I’m sure I’ll introduce to you as soon as we get some curly green kale from Rolling Prairie.

This week, the greens were still plentiful from Rolling Prairie. Last night we picked up these goodies: more paté, eggs, green onions, Swiss chard, spinach and pea greens. Yum!

What are some of the more unusual ways you clean out the produce crisper?


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