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Bye-Bye Bounty: CSA week 9 - #FailWhale and juicy vampires


Last week, I talked about how it took me allllllllll week to use my veggies. It’s true, things happen, most notably leftovers and life. This week, we had a major #FailWhale of a different kind: dinner.

On Tuesday, my dashing head chef tried out a new recipe. We had the perfect local ingredients for it — carrots and broccoli — and we had nearly all the other ingredients too for this dish that shall be known as “chickpea casserole.” Now, I hate casserole of most any sort (even the name makes my skin crawl), but the recipe was from one of my favorite cookbooks, and we had most of the ingredients, and the chef was gung-ho about it, so we went for it.

Except for one tiny problem. We didn’t have enough chickpeas for the “chickpea casserole.” So, the hubby improvised with the beans we did have in our pantry. Thus, the “chickpea casserole” turned out to be the “chickpea and black bean casserole.”

Um, it didn’t work. Though the chef was proud of it when it came out of the oven.

Thus, I won’t be sharing that recipe with you this week. I really don’t want you all to have to trash your dinners on account of little old me.

But, I’ll tell you what else we made with our local offerings: juice. I have a very basic Breville Juicer, and I like to use it not only for the juice, but also for the pulp it produces for my compost pile.

Sunday night was the season premiere of “True Blood,” so I decided to whip out the beets and (leftover) carrots from our CSA, plus cucumbers I bought from Stephanie with Spring Creek Farm at the Farmers’ Market and make some bloody good juice.

It turned out a pretty pink, and cleaned out my fridge quite well, as you can see from that ingredient spread.

The kiddo liked it too, drinking about a third of that big ol’ mason jar, though I wasn’t able to get photographic evidence.

‘True Blood’ Juice

1 bunch celery

4 carrots (peeled)

4 small cucumbers or 2 big ones

6 small beets

3 Fuji apples

Run it all through a juicer!

What’d we get this week? Kale, beets, pink mushrooms, black raspberries, new potatoes and white onions.


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