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Deck the halls with tinsel and tomatoes


Last week, it was suggested to me that rather that decking the halls with traditional poinsettias, it might be just as easy and more beneficial to decorate for the holidays with the king of summer fruit — the tomato.

In fact, it's already being done by some folks in New Hampshire, a place not known for copious amounts of winter sun.

The idea? Pick up a super dwarf variety (like the "Red Robin" plant above) or two, put the plants in pretty pots and use them to decorate the sunnier windows in your home. You'll have the same festive "red and green" color scheme as a poinsettia, but, obviously, because you'll be getting fruit off of it, a tomato plant is a bonus buy.

If my house had better light (I'm super short on south-facing windows), I would totally try it (tomatoes would go nicely with my fruit tree). Would you?


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