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Bye-Bye Bounty: It's the beginning of CSA season!


Welcome to this year’s Bye-Bye Bounty blog!

Last year, I updated it weekly on WellCommons with what I got in my CSA bag from Rolling Prairie and how I used the goods. Monday was our first pick up of the year. We signed up for the early bag and, man was it full of goodies.

Here, my lovely and photogenic husband holds up our week one goodies: Spinach, pea shoots, green garlic, asparagus, eggs and some mushroom paté from the kitchen at Wakarusa Valley Farm.

Next week, I’ll update with how we used all the goodies, but I can tell you the hubby already took care of the asparagus and the eggs. He hard-boiled the eggs, sliced them and put them over steamed asparagus with a side of cheesy foccacia from Lawrence Farmers’ Market regular Megan Paisley and Double J Farm.

Pretty good Monday meal, I’d say. Check back here for the weekly ways we work through our CSA share, plus for more Lawrence food news.


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