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It's time to pick a KU hashtag, and you're going to do it


We asked you to help #FindTheKUHashtag, and now we've got some suggestions.

Now we need to pick which tag will work best as something to slap on our tweets about stuff going on on the KU campus, interesting KU people, KU-related questions or anything else we can think of.

But the whole idea here is that this tag will be used by YOU, dear person with a connection to KU, and not just by me. So I'm going to make you pick it.

Tweet your favorite at @LJW_KU, picking from the nominees below. Attach #FindTheKUHashtag to the end of your tweet (or don't; there are no official rules here). If you don't like the nominees, then suggest something else — if you can get people to vote for it, it will be eligible.

Get in your votes by the end of the week, and I'll announce a winner Monday. Here's your list of nominees:

• #KUcampus

• #KUcool

• #KUbuzz

• #KUbeat

• #KUofficial

• #KUfact

• #KUYou

• #RockChalk

• #Jayhawk

Please do vote, or else I'm going to have to just pick one. And nobody likes a dictatorship.

And to further exercise your democratic rights, send me a KU news tip at merickson@ljworld.com.


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