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KU getting out ahead of new NCAA athletics eligibility requirements, national publication reports


The change isn't coming for three-plus more years, but KU's athletics department has already been preparing for some time for higher NCAA eligibility standards coming down the road, Inside Higher Ed reports today.

In August 2016, the NCAA will raise the academic standards that incoming students must meet to be eligible for athletics, and administrators at the NCAA's annual convention last week were urging departments to quickly start getting the word out to high schools and parents so students coming to school at that time can be ready.

Inside Higher Ed cited KU's athletics department as one that has been thinking about the change for a while now. Cooperating with Kansas State and Wichita State universities, KU athletics officials have developed brochures to distribute to counselors and parents. They've also met with high school and community college officials to inform them about the changes.

The story quotes Theresa Becker, associate athletics director for compliance, saying getting the word out has been a "challenge," but "you have to get your attitude in check about it."

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blindrabbit 5 years, 4 months ago

Hope there is some provision for controlling the "one or two and done" issue which allows the NCAA membership schools to essentially serve as "farm teams" for major league teams. This is especialluy egregious for Basketball; a good/worst cases are the Universities of Kentucky and North Carolina , where they essentially need to field a "new" freshmen team each year because early departures. Fortunately, KU has limited this to a certain extent, but KU has had cases, and it appears we may have more pretty soon. There has been talk of controlling this, but the NBA has resisted getting involved, unlike the cooperation of the NFL .A couple of possible remidies although legal issues would need to confronted: (1) Return to the "Freshmen Inelligible" for Varsity Competition (this has ,no chance). (2) Penalization to the particular effected school for early departues, (prior to completion of 2 years of competition), by reducing scholarships. Etc, etc.

elliottaw 5 years, 4 months ago

They can really help it if they would stop over sensationalizing it, there is no reason for these games to be held on TV nation wide, all you are doing is feeding into a system where these young men think there is a market for them after school to play a particular sport, less than 1% of college athletes go pro, but more than 40% drop out of school early to try, and do not return. Also very few (15 for the last year reported) schools actually come out in the black with the "Major" man sports, the rest are all running millions in the red. Get it off TV except for the Championship games and let the kids be what they are supposed to be STUDENT athletes.

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