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KU faculty/staff roundup: Year of the Snake, psychology of energy savings, digital courtship


A new feature here at Heard on the Hill, which we'll pull out every week or whenever enough news piles up to merit it: a roundup of recent KU faculty/staff news and media mentions:

• KU psychology professor Paul Atchley, who's no stranger to the national media, talked to the Washington Post about using psychological methods to get people to use less energy in their homes.

• Jeffrey Hall, assistant professor of communication studies, chimes in on the effect of technology on courtship in the Vancouver Sun.

• After the Chinese calendar turned to the Year of the Snake, KU Biodiversity Institute herpetologist Andrew Campbell talked with National Geographic about how the traits ascribed to snakes by astrology compare to what they're like in real life.

• And Lorraine Haricombe, KU's dean of libraries, was elected chairwoman of the steering committee for a national group of academic libraries: the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (per a KU release).

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Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 2 months ago

I would like to think that people would work at conserving energy and be aware of the harm done because it is the moral, decent thing to do. While we will not destroy the planet which would go on even if humans were not present, we will destroy ourselves and take a few species down with us.

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